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Exploring the Developing Ties Between China and the Vatican

The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolini, says there continues to be improvements in the relationship between China and the Vatican, despite some rocky moments in recent years.

After embassy gaffe, Ecuador on European tour to strengthen relations

Daniel Noboa, Ecuador's current president, met with Pope Francis at the Apostolic Palace to strengthen relations.

The global challenge of declining birth rates – what can we...

Pope Francis spoke about the decline in the birth rate as one of the most concerning figures on a global level, at a forum dedicated to the issue.

Pope Francis: Education goes beyond academic instruction

Pope Francis welcomed members of the board of trustees and other leaders from the Augustinian-sponsored Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts, to the Vatican 10 May, to discuss the importance of an education that helps young people contribute to the community.

Did the Catholic Church invent the idea of the Jubilee? You...

With the announcement of the Year of the Jubilee many have asked how we came to celebrate these holy years. Rooted in Jewish tradition and political influences, its origin story is nothing short of uneventful.

Pope Francis officially announces dates of Jubilee of 2025

Cardinals, bishops and pilgrims gathered in the Atrium of St Peter's Basilica to hear the long-awaited moment Pope Francis officially announced the Jubilee of 2025.

Low birthrates push pope to attend birth forum for Italy

Pope Francis will participate in Italy's General State of Birthrate forum on 10 May to discuss declining birthrates in the country.

Human fraternity meeting welcomes head of Nasa and Nobel prize winners

World Meeting on Human Fraternity: Be Human, will welcome Nobel prize winners, artists and the head of Nasa to explore the in which society can demonstrate unity.

A day of duty for the Bishop of Rome

As he deals with illness, fatigue and full schedules, Pope Francis met with and participated in many ceremonies and meetings, taking in his stride his role as Bishop of Rome.

New Swiss guards vow to serve “faithfully, loyally, and honourably,” even...

Almost 500 years after the Sack of Rome, 34 new recruits to the Swiss guard swear to protect the pope and his successors "faithfully, loyally, and honourably," even unto death.

Understanding Christian virtues: Pope Francis reflects on the most essential one

Pope Francis reflects on the importance of Christian virtues at his General Audience, this time addressing the most essential one: Faith.

Swiss Guard gains new defenders keeping the Vatican secure

On 6 May, 34 young men will swear their allegiance to protect the pope and join the Swiss Guard, continuing a 500 year tradition.
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