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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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After embassy gaffe, Ecuador on European tour to strengthen relations

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Daniel Noboa, the current president of Ecuador, met with Pope Francis for 30 minutes at the Apostolic Palace.

Taking office at only 35 years old, he is the second youngest president in Ecuador’s history and perhaps the most controversial, after he ordered the storming of Mexico’s embassy in Quito to arrest a former vice president convicted of corruption in April.

Mexico then appealed to the International Court of Justice to evict Ecuador from the United Nations for violating international law, prompting other countries to agree.

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He is now touring Europe to strengthen foreign relations. His stops include several countries: Italy, France, Spain, and also the Vatican.

The two exchanged gifts as Noboa brought the pope a carving of the Virgin Mary, done by Ecuadorian artisans.

In 2015, the pope visited Ecuador, as well as other Latin American countries, such as Bolivia and Paraguay.

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