May 26, 2017

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Archbishop Fisher leads the faithful in prayer for lives lost to abortion at the Memorial Mass for the Unborn. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

Monica Doumit: A weekend when the Church stood up for women and children

A few weeks ago, a dear friend sent me a message. He said that he found it amusing that most of the articles in The Catholic Weekly were about goodness and light and family life, and mine are generally a little (or a lot) more pessimistic! I am going to disappoint him today, because while […]


Monica Doumit: New ethics guidelines for IVF suggest it’s bad luck for girls

The national Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the body charged with setting ethical standards for medical practice, has spent the last four years reviewing its guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technologies. The guidelines were released last week and the results – I must say – were underwhelming. When it comes to the […]

A still from a YouTube video promoting the ‘acceptance ring’. PHOTO: YouTube

Monica Doumit: Until we all bow the knee on same-sex marriage

Last week, it was announced that Until We All Belong would be launched. The campaign sees AirBNB team up with other players like Qantas, Foxtel, ANZ, Google and eBay to bring you the ‘acceptance ring;’ a black ring which does not close up. The gap is meant to symbolise the ‘gap’ in marriage legislation which […]

Protesters on the Day of the Unborn Child in Sydney on 26 March. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

Monica Doumit: A practical lesson in the irony of exclusion zones

There is not much which surprises me these days. Spending as much time as I do following debates on the most critical issues of our time, I have seen people attempt to twist logic and reason to justify all sorts of ideas and behaviours. But this past week, I saw an example of rank hypocrisy […]

US Cardinal Sean O'Malley, president of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, speaks during a seminar on safeguarding children at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome 23 March 2017. PHOTO: CNS/Paul Haring

Monica Doumit: Don’t wield abuse statistics in ignorance, it doesn’t make kids safer

On Monday of last week, Queensland MP Rob Pyne stood up in Parliament to table a private members’ bill which would require ministers of religion to mandatorily report actual or suspected child sexual abuse, with no exception for the Seal of Confession. Instead of speaking about the merits of the bill, Mr Pyne used his speech […]

PHOTO: Adam Furby, licence: CC by 2.0

Monica Doumit: Coopers boycott was a violent assault on civility and difference

Just after Harry Potter is told that he is a wizard with great power because he did not die at the hands of Lord Voldemort, he is immediately warned that he must never utter Voldemort’s name. Instead, like all others, he should refer to him as: “He Who Must Not Be Named.” While Voldemort had […]

We've dropped the ball when it comes to giving sound instruction and example to boys and young men.

Monica Doumit: ‘Not my problem’ the mark of a League man?

What did they think was going to happen? You take boys straight out of high school, put them into professional sporting teams where their only real task is to increase their strength and fitness, separate them from family and friends while they travel around the country to compete, and pay them lots of money to simply […]


Monica Doumit: Sunday isn’t special anymore, so why shouldn’t pay follow?

“Sunday is not special anymore.” This phrase, buried on page 435 of a report of the Productivity Commission released in December 2015, fed into last week’s decision of the Fair Work Commission to recommend a reduction in Sunday penalty rates for hospitality, retail and fast food industries. The decision was part of a review of […]