September 26, 2017

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Monica Doumit: Same-sex marriage – suborning the professionals

I spent five and a half years studying to get my law degree. I made good friends, enjoyed the subject matter and am grateful for the opportunities it gave me. But it was also hard work. I read countless pages of textbooks, court judgments and journal articles, prepared long, analytical essays, and studied for more […]


Monica Doumit: The real targets of gay marriage are students

Given that 3 September is Father’s Day, I thought I would start my analysis with a story about a dad. Steve Tourloukis is a Canadian father of primary school aged kids, who have been raised in the Greek Orthodox faith. Among other things, this included teaching his children that sexual activity should be reserved for […]

This Victorian mother’s protest video, made once she discovered what the ‘Safe Schools’ program was teaching her children, has gone viral. She is urging other parents to investigate and take a stand against the program created by LGBTI activists and implemented by ideologues and education bureaucrats.

Monica Doumit: ‘Equality’ leaves parents in the dark

Nearly four million people have seen the video of a Victorian mother of four talking about Safe Schools, and if you’re not one of them, then I recommend you take a look. Describing herself as “desperate,” the mother recorded a 14-minute video trying to encourage other Victorian parents to stand up against the deceptively-named program. […]

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Monica Doumit: ABC article on domestic violence a ‘blatant misrepresentation’

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to speak to Year 12 students about potential biases in the media when it comes to the Church. Not one of the students I addressed got their news from what were traditionally considered to be mainstream sources: television, radio or print. Without exception, Facebook (and the online […]

The parents of Charlie Gard, Connie Yates and Chris Gard. Source: CNS

Eugenics to blame for why we will fail the next ‘Charlie Gard’

For those unfamiliar with his story, Charlie Gard is a British baby just a couple of weeks shy of his first birthday. He suffers from a rare inherited mitochondrial disease referred to as MDDS, a condition which has kept him in hospital and ventilator-dependent for the past 10 months. While no treatment is available in […]


Monica Doumit: I thought I couldn’t be shocked, but I was wrong

You wouldn’t know it from the thousands of articles which were written last week, but very little information about the case involving Cardinal George Pell is available. We know that multiple charges from multiple complainants have been laid by Victoria Police. We know that the Cardinal has taken a leave of absence from his position […]

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Monica Doumit: ‘Rights’ are manipulable, but God-given dignity lasts forever

In the past couple of weeks, I have been fortunate enough to be in the United States, in part to attend a conference on current issues in bioethics. Realising that there is a big difference between US and Australian law on some of these matters, I focused my presentation on international law because it was […]

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‘Cautious’ euthanasia bill has loopholes big enough to drive a truck through

A couple of weeks ago, a cross-party group of NSW MPs released a consultation draft of legislation which would allow both euthanasia and assisted suicide. On the day it was released, one of the members of the cross-party group, Nationals MP Trevor Khan, described the bill as “cautious” and said that it contained a “a […]

Catholic women carry wooden crosses during Palm Sunday in East Timor. PHOTO: CNS

Monica Doumit: Time for Australia to stop bullying East Timor

My eldest nephew and niece are at an age now where they really enjoy hearing stories about when my four siblings and I were growing up. In recent weeks, I’ve been regaling them with stories about the sneaky things which we used to do in order to avoid sharing with each other; like the times […]

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Monica Doumit: Excellent book spells out vital roles of dads for families, children

There are very few books of which I have bought numerous copies because I have considered them such a good read that I wanted to give copies to others. The Father Factor, a 2014 publicaiton by Peter O’Shea and Robert Falzon is one of those books. The Father Factor is primarily focussed on happiness and how […]