April 25, 2018

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Portrait of Eileen O'Connor by Norman Carter, 1920

Monica Doumit: Why Eileen is exactly the saint Australia needs

The day it was announced that a postulator had been appointed for the cause of Eileen O’Connor, I had coffee with a very good friend of mine.  He asked me whether I thought that Eileen was the saint we needed for Australia right now.  It was a good question.  On the one hand, we know […]

PHOTO: Pixabay/QuinceMedia

Monica Doumit: Melbourne robocall reveals education priorities

In the days preceding last Saturday’s by-election for the Victorian seat of Batman, voters in the electorate received an automated call that essentially backed the Labor candidate.  The call told them that Malcolm Turnbull had slashed funds from schools, the Greens wanted to strip funds from Catholic schools, but Labor would restore hundreds of millions […]


Threats to freedom voiced by lawyers and academics

A massive 16,500 submissions have been received by the Expert Panel into Religious Freedom, Panel chair Phillip Ruddock told a roundtable gathering held at the University of Notre Dame Australia last week. The consultation held at Notre Dame’s Broadway campus was one in a series of face-to-face listening sessions with a range of stakeholders on […]

The Bishop of Wagga Wagga, Bishop Gerard Hanna, ordained Paul Phu Van Lu to the Order of Deacons on 20 August. Photo: Dominic Byrne

Monica Doumit: Bishop Gerard Hanna, the media, and ‘fake news’

In his message for World Communications Day this year, Pope Francis wrote about ‘fake news,’ defining it as “the spreading of disinformation online or in the traditional media… based on non-existent or distorted data meant to deceive and manipulate the reader.” I don’t really love the phrase; maybe because I associate it more with US […]


Maronites remarkable mission

Only 48 hours into a mission to the Philippines to help the sick, disabled and poor, a group of young Maronites say they have already undergone a life-changing experience. The 14 youngsters from Sydney, who are travelling with Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay to the city of Naga, are on a 2-week trip volunteering in a home […]


Monica Doumit: Expect the ACYF to change lives – WYD did

There’s a photo I have of a group of friends that was taken at the beginning of 2009. A bunch of fresh-faced teens and 20-somethings from different parts of Sydney, we had met because we had all been involved in some way with a week-long youth festival in Sydney called World Youth Day. We didn’t […]


Monica Doumit: Reflecting on ‘Yes’ and the next step

So, we lost the marriage plebiscite and by a decent margin too. 61.6 per cent to 38.4 per cent is a pretty convincing scoreline, and there’s no sugar-coating it. As someone deeply embedded within the “no” campaign, it hurts a lot. In the days following, I was pretty much paralysed in and by discouragement. I’m […]


Monica Doumit: Undermining dissent in the UK

I imagine that many of you have engaged in, or at least read, some fairly heated online discussions about the same-sex marriage postal survey since it was announced three months ago. When Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP posted his on Facebook, it attracted more than 7000 comments. People on either side of the debate have been […]


Monica Doumit: Gathering statistics for the naked emperor

Friends, the post- same-sex marriage world is a brave, new one. This is what we are seeing coming from the United Kingdom at the moment. I’m not sure if you saw what is happening with the UK Census. In 2015, the UK Office of National Statistics conducted a consultation about what additional questions/topics should be […]


Monica Doumit: Enough lies, start listening to our palliative carers

This week, the Victorian Parliament began debating legislation which would permit the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide in that state. It is unsurprising that this is happening in Victoria: with the most liberal abortion laws in the world, and its push to make the “Safe Schools” program compulsory at the same time that other […]

A family poses for a photo at the recent Festival of the Family in Prairiewood, Sydney. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

Unity the true fruit of ‘OK to say No’ campaign

For the last few weeks, we have looked at how a change in the law will affect education, particularly the introduction of LGBTIQ sex and gender education in schools and the loss of the rights of parents to object to – or even know about –what they are being taught. We also considered how a change […]


Monica Doumit: Stand up to the hate, strong in faith

Over the past week, I had the privilege of attending two of the campaign launches for the Coalition for Marriage: the national launch in Sydney and the smaller state-based launch in Victoria, which occurred on Saturday night of last week. While the other launches went off largely without incident, the Melbourne one was interrupted by […]