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Delectable delights

Easy lunchbox treats to brighten up your child's day. A new school year can quickly leave parents feeling tired, time poor and uninspired – especially when it comes to packing school lunches. It's great finding sneaky ways to pack more goodness and healthy alternatives into the...

Fr John Flader: Are Bushfires God’s punishment?

Father John Flader answers an important question, "Are the bushfires God's punishment?" Regarding the recent bushfires in Australia, I wonder if God has removed his protection from us in light of the secular and inhumane country that we have become; e.g. abortion of defenceless unborn...

The dictionary the politically correct don’t want you to read

In today’s politically correct world if you oppose the rate of immigration you are attacked as xenophobic, argue marriage involves a woman and a man you are condemned as heteronormative and homophobic and defend the benefits of western civilisation and you are guilty of white supremacism and for being Eurocentric.

Horsley Park bounces back

The Christmas spirit is alive and well at parish which was forced to cancel last years' display.

Charity begins at Tierney House

An incredibly painful baker’s cyst was one of the best things to happen to Shelley Dawson. The 61-year-old mother of six, was homeless, living on the streets, never knowing where her next meal would come from until she developed severe swelling behind her knee and...

Smart watches not clever

Wearable trackers like the Fitbit, Garmin, Moove, or even smart-watches are gaining significant market-share with children – and with Christmas so close, it’s likely that they’ll be in plenty of Santa stockings. Market research shows that sales of wearable trackers will have grown by 26...

Friendships that bridge the years

Hannah Topp is living every uni students “dream”. She pays no rent, never has to worry about noisy flatmates or waking up to somebody having used all the milk. However, on the downside she never knows if her 'neighbours' will remember her and she has...

Bishop Peter Elliott: St John Henry Newman, a true son of Mary

His long life spanned the nineteenth century. John Henry Newman was born in London in 1801 and died in Birmingham in 1890.

Catholic and Orthodox unite

Catholic and Orthodox Christians united at St Mark's Coptic Catholic Church to highlight mental health.

Baby, it’s love before first sight

Meet the youngest member of the pro-life movement, the child of Campsie couple Chantal and Piotr Czeczotko. At just 30 weeks in utero the baby is an active little one and will be the couple’s first-born. The proud parents got their first glimpse in real...