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Light in a Dark Time – the Great Feast of the Assumption

In the charter of her Magnificat, Mary’s Assumption is the triumph of the first among those millions who suffer and yet believe

Vatican history and art all now online

Covid means fewer tourists for Rome’s Vatican Museums, but an alternative is available. Photo: CNS, Paul Haring
As museums and historical sites in Italy slowly begin opening their doors after several months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, technology may prove to be the “renaissance” the country’s tourism industry desperately needs. Recently, countries within the European Union have opened their borders...

How was your day?

Some people are blessed with talkative children, some with quiet kids. Many parents will wish that their child talked to them more. Some probably wish they'd talk less. Expert after expert has told parents just how important it is to make sure your child knows...

Service before self

Looking out across at the Botanical Gardens from his Macquarie Street office, he reclines back in his leather chair while chatting warmly, arms waving about as he makes his point. He laughs into the phone before signing off “God Bless ya mate”. A proud Catholic, this...

YouTuber runs the race with faith

A young Sydney Catholic combines her talents in a unique social media outreach.

Understanding Peer Pressure

It’s normal for young people to worry about fitting in. Peer groups play an important role in young people’s lives, particularly during adolescence. ‘Peer pressure’ refers to the influence that these groups can have on how an individual thinks and acts. You can often find...

Brothers in Arms

These siblings were ordained priests on the same day, but what drives two young men to give their lives over in service to God and the Catholic Church in 2020? I asked the two young men from Mobile, Alabama. Questions Why have you committed to a...

Deacon follows in siblings’ steps

Steve Drum with, his sister Rosie. Photo: Alphonsus Fok
Religious vocation is Steve's greatest prize As a civil engineer Steve Drum saw his job as building bridges between people, today on the eve of his ordination he sees those same bridges connecting people with God. A missionary of Verbum Dei, a new approach to the...

Med students boost the St Vincent’s team

Final-year students from The University of Notre Dame Australia are providing support during the pandemic.

Catholic Social Services Victoria responds to lockdown

“Their welfare is of key concern to us during this time,” Catholic Social Services Victoria said in a recent media statement.