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With a little help from my friends

  Writing about another man's life saved Paul's own Unemployed, unpublished and unable to survive without alcohol, Paul Greguric thought he was at the end of the road. Losing the sight in his right eye in an unprovoked attack in a Sydney pub didn’t stop him...

Haven of healing and hope

New program helps women who have had few chances in life.

Joanne Navarra: Our beautiful God led me to teach

Joanne tells about sharing the Good News in schools As a catechist running religion classes in a Sydney public primary school, Joanne Navarra says her own faith and spiritual life have grown "immensely". Why did you become a catechist? It was a Sunday morning at St Augustine's...

Holy Week Quiz

Holy Week and the Paschal Triduum is the most important week in the Catholic Church calendar. The six weeks of Lent come to a climax as we enter a time of prayer, remembering Christ’s last days before He died for us on the cross. A holy...

Spirituality on Sydney’s streets

Not just a chaplain but a sign of hope amid evil

[email protected] with John Steenhof, human rights lawyer

Meet the man helping Christians caught between faith and the law, who is busier than ever.

Cobbler put his heart and sole into job

Antonio Colubriale lays claim to something very few people can … saving the Pope’s 'sole'.

Tuning into faith and friendship

The humble ukulele is bringing people together in a parish outreach that's as fun as it is uplifting.

Open invitation: St Joseph and the Masculine Genius.

Catholic men, as well as those interested in the Catholic faith, are invited to gather for food, fellowship and faith once again on Saturday 13 March for our first Maximus Men’s Breakfast of 2021. Happening just one week before the Feast of St Joseph, in...

Kids Lenten Quiz

Lent is here! Test your knowledge on all things Lent right here. Be warned – we won’t make it easy! Related Articles: St Mary of the Cross Mackillop Anniversary Quiz The 7th Papal Anniversary of His Holiness Pope Francis Quiz