About Us

The Catholic Weekly is proudly Catholic, proudly counter-cultural, proudly in favour of life.

We strive to share our vision of the church, the Lord and the life-changing possibilities of the Christian path with our readers, providing a degree of Catholic news clarity for complex times.

We offer news of the church at every level – from the parish to the world. Now, we do so in print every week and on digital platforms including our website and through social media.

We also run catholicjobsonline.com.au, a national employment website.

With its origins in The Freeman’s Journal established in 1850, The Catholic Weekly assists and serves the mission of the church in the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney by disseminating news, information and comment and analysis of contemporary events and news in the light of Catholic faith.

It aims to inform, engage and inspire the lives of Catholics in Sydney and beyond, including families, parishes and other Eucharistic communities, reporting on the ways in which the Catholic faithful, communities and organisations make Jesus Christ known to the world, locally and abroad. The Catholic Weekly also seeks to raise and respond to issues and events that touch upon the faith of the Church and the common good.

Adam Wesselinoff