October 18, 2018

About Us

About The Catholic Weekly

The Catholic Weekly is proudly Catholic, proudly counter-cultural, proudly in favour of life.

We strive to share our vision of the Church, the Lord and the life-changing possibilities of the Christian path with our readers, providing a degree of Catholic clarity for complex times.

We offer news of the Church at every level – from the parish to the world. Now, we do so in print every week and on digital platforms including our website and through social media.

We also run catholicjobsonline.com.au, a national employment website.

The Catholic Weekly was first published in 1945, following on the heels of the defunct Australasian Chronicle and Freeman’s Journal.

Here at The Weekly we have confidence in the Church of the future, despite the at times humiliating failures and even betrayals of some of its members. We see things such as the remarkable effects of the papacy of Francis and the excitement and positivity of World Youth Day begun by St John Paul II.

This is what we want to share with our readers and the world. This is the journey we invite you to join us on.

Peter Rosengren