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The Catholic Weekly has approximately 24,000 readers, has a cover price of $2 and is circulated on a weekly basis. It is circulated predominantly in NSW, as well as selected Parishes from interstate and is delivered to Parishes, Catholic Schools, Retirement Villages, Hospitals, Tertiary Institutions and Catholic organisations. There are more than 1000 subscribers each week.

Our diverse readership includes families, students, education and health professionals, academics, politicians, Catholic organisations and retirees. Circulation increases significantly when there is publication of special editions or events, such as Christmas and Easter, the election of Pope Francis or the installation of Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP as Archbishop of Sydney.

Why not Advertise!
Want to reach young people preparing to travel the world, families who need some work done around the home, or older Australians planning their financial future? Advertise with The Catholic Weekly to reach these groups and more.

For The Catholic Weekly rates and specs, or for a copy of our Media Kit please email:
[email protected] or phone (02) 9390 5404.

Advertising Enquiries
(02) 9390 5404
[email protected]

Advertising Terms and Conditions:

The advertiser must take fill responsibility in relation to copyright of the said advertisement. This includes all graphic and reading matter. The advertiser must ensure that the advertisement complies with all aspects of trade practices law and therefore insures all responsibilities should be taken on these terms. Therefore the responsibility is on the person, company, or agent submitting the advertisement for publication.
The advertisers and their agents must accept full responsibilities for proceedings brought against the publication arising out of the of the advertisement. The provision of any material automatically constitutes acceptance of this clause. The booked space shall only be used for the advertisement of the business to which the booking is made.
Design/layout/alterations to advertisements carried out by the staff of the publisher shall incur a fee of 10 per cent of the total cost of the advertisement (based upon the total cost of the first publication of the advertisement after the design/layout/alterations are made).
The Catholic Press Newspaper Company Pty Ltd (the publisher) reserves the right to increase rates for advertisements with a minimum of one month notice. Contracted rates are valid for the life of the contract. New rates will be re-negotiated from then on.
The publisher reserves the right to decline advertisements for publication considered to be inappropriate in relation to the foundations of the publication and the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney. The final decision on all advertising material remains at the discretion of the Editor.
The publisher will use every care to ensure the correct insertion and layout of an advertisement, however cannot guarantee insertion on any specific date or position within its publications. Accidental errors in relation to the advertisement do not invalidate the order.
If agreed minimum usage is not met, applicable surcharges will apply. The surcharge will consist of the difference in rates of the contracted rate and the correct rate for the new level of space purchased over the life of the contract. For contracted rates only.
Page loadings will only apply when specific pages are requested by the advertiser or their agent. Specification of page numbers should be embodied within the purchase order. Guarantees cannot be made that specific positioning of the advertisement can be met within any specific issue. Positioning ultimately remains at the discretion of the editor.
Copy for booked advertisements must be submitted at the offices of the publisher by noon of the Friday, nine days before publication date unless alternative arrangements have been made. Copy arrangements must be made prior to this in relation to the form in which it will be presented. If the copy deadline is not met, the publisher reserves the right to charge full rate for the advertisements, or alternatively place the previous advertisement published within the publication at the quoted rate.
Credit shall only be given to those advertisers whom the publisher considers appropriate. All accounts must be finalised within 30 days of the date of the invoice. First time advertisers will not be given credit unless considered necessary by the publisher.
The publisher reserves the right to destroy advertising material kept for a period of 3 months from the last date of publication of the advertisement, unless the publisher is advised and agreement otherwise is set in place.
Advertisers and their agencies are advised to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the law surrounding advertising and the trade practices act. Heavy penalties apply to organisations found to breach these laws and guidelines. The responsibilities in relation to compliance with these regulations rest in whole upon the advertiser and their agent.