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Holiness is the measure of synod proposals, Archbishop Fisher writes in...

In a major pastoral letter following the first assembly of the Synod on Synodality, Archbishop Fisher wrote that more work is needed to ensure key themes were authentically Catholic.

A window into the mysterious world of those who lead our...

This is a book for bishops. I am one bishop who is grateful to have read it. It was a very beneficial source for personal reflection and offered much to ponder both from history and from current experience.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: What Synodality is, and is not

Although we might think it a novel concept in the pontificate of Pope Francis, the noun σύνοδος (synod) has a long history in Catholic thought and practice,[1] especially in Eastern Christianity.

Synod report muted on hot-button issues, yet signals deeper shifts

While hot-button issues like gender and sexuality received less attention than predicted, the synod's final report signaled deeper shifts

Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, #8

The Church as a culture must be a counterculture.

Synod members begin small-group discussions on ‘synodality’

Delegates from Oceania and around the world have begun the formal work for the long-awaited Bishops Synod on Synodality in Rome

WYD Tupperware Tabernacles call for a Eucharistic revival

By Joel Agius When St John Paul II established World Youth Day, he said to the young people gathered that “in Jesus Christ, God definitively...

Synodality ‘truly important’ says pope

Pope Francis asked a group of Italian journalists to shun fake news and a love of scandal, including when covering the Catholic Church and...

Patrick O’Shea: What young traditional Catholics can offer

The description “young, traditional, Catholic” is one that typically sends shivers down the spines of many. “Why do you attend the old Mass? Haven’t...

George Weigel is mistaken. Synodality gives life to the vision of...

I was not surprised by George Weigel’s continuing criticism of Pope Francis and the coming Synod of Bishops (The Catholic Weekly, 9 July, 2023). I was surprised that his discussion of Vatican II’s central document Lumen Gentium ignored one of its most striking features.

Synod document asks how to increase unity, participation, mission outreach

October's Synod of Bishops will discern "the concrete steps which enable the continued growth of a synodal church" says working document.

Pope Francis grants voting rights at Synod on Synodality to women,...

About 21 per cent of the synod's 370 members will not be bishops and at least half of that group women, after a decision by the Holy Father
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