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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Migration a hot topic on pope’s Italian tour

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Pope Francis is scheduled to continue his Italian tour, arriving in Verona on 18 May. He will participate in the 14th Festival of the Social Doctrine of the Church and take part in Peace Arena 2024.

He is expected to speak about migration, while reflecting on the time he spent with migrants after his trip to France last year.

“In fact, the right to migrate has become an obligation for many people today, whereas there should be a right not to migrate in order to stay in one’s own land,” the pope said.

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“It is necessary that every man and woman be guaranteed the opportunity to live a dignified life in the society in which they find themselves.

“Unfortunately, misery, wars and climate crisis force so many people to flee.”

The pope will have a fully packed day in Verona. He will leave the Vatican at 6.30am, attend five different meetings and celebrations, including a lunch with prisoners, and return to the Vatican past 6.00pm.

This trip to Verona mirrors the busyness of the pope’s day in Venice.

These trips come just five months after Pope Francis cancelled his trip to Dubai due to influenza and difficulty breathing.

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