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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Swiss Guard gains new defenders keeping the Vatican secure

On 6 May, 34 young men will swear their allegiance to protect the pope and join the Swiss Guard, continuing a 500 year tradition.

Migration a hot topic on pope’s Italian tour

Pope Francis is scheduled to continue his Italian tour, arriving in Verona on 18 May. He will participate in the 14th Festival of the Social Doctrine of the Church and take part in Peace Arena 2024. 

Labour and humanitarian crises demand response in Italy

The Community of Sant'Egidio and the Italian government have created labour corridors in response to a labour shortage and humanitarian crises. About 300 migrants coming from Lebanon, Ethiopia or Ivory Coast will be able to enter Italy, a country in need of more workers. 

Pope cautions care in Venice as he warns it “could cease...

Pope Francis celebrated Mass in St Mark's Square where he recalled some of the environmental and social challenges Venice has faced in recent years.

Pope Francis to youth in Venice: secret of life is perseverance

Pope Francis greeted the youth in Venice, emphasising that there is no life of faith until one discovers one's own beauty as children of God.

Pope Francis’ message of hope to women prisoners

Pope Francis visits women's prison in Venice to bring hope and compassion. Read more about how the women felt and their reaction to him.

Welcome to the world of cartoons, Pope Francis

Tabor Producciones' groundbreaking efforts to bring the lives of saints and Pope Francis to audiences through captivating cartoons.

Byzantine mosaics: A conversation with God

Experience the beauty of Rome through a Byzantine lens with Nina Veres on a mosaic tour of the city's churches and basilicas.

Europe makes surrogacy a human trafficking crime

Europe takes a stand against human trafficking with new laws on surrogacy. Understand the conditions under which it is considered a crime.

Issues facing Ghana are brought to the Vatican

Pope Francis meets with Vice President of Ghana at the Vatican to discuss strong relations, the Catholic church and education challenges.

The importance of theological virtues in Christianity

Pope Francis reflected on the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity as he spoke to pilgrims in Italian town, Galati Mamertino.

Bambino Gesu: Pope Francis’ Visits to the Hospital for Children

The Bambino Gesu hospital for children has drawn the most papal visits from Pope Francis on three occasions in 2013, 2018 and 2022. One of the most moving moments were when the children from Ukraine arrived.
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