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[email protected] with The Lighthouse author Michael D O’Brien

The Lighthouse is the latest tale by popular Canadian Catholic novelist, iconographer and artist Michael D O’Brien, published by Ignatius Press this month. More than a dozen books, many of them best-sellers including Fr Elijah: An Apocalypse, Elijah in Jerusalem, The Father's Tale, Sophia...

Pope: Abortion never the answer

Pope Francis has called selective abortion of the disabled “expression of an inhuman eugenics mentality”.

Help when you need it the most

As we are all being asked to practice social distancing and isolation as a measure to slow the spread of the corona virus, you may be feeling many emotions. You may be anxious or worried for yourself and your family members; being out of...

Must-read books for your bucket list

Great literature not only entertains its readers; it challenges them. Michael E. Daniel recommends Catholic novels to enlighten and provoke
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Where Love and Respect fill the Gaps

Tom lives alone. His only companion his severe mental illness. The walls in his Darlinghurst flat are covered in mould and the stench of cigarettes, urine and sheer filth slaps you in the face. He is usually quite irritable and cranky and goes weeks on...

Catholic healthcare: there for everyone who’s sick

On 11 February the Church observed the 28th World Day of the Sick, an occasion to be in prayerful solidarity with those suffering ill health and those who care for them. It was also an occasion to reflect on the witness and meaning of...

A vision for living, vibrant and evangelising parishes

A young father and convert with a passion for revitalising local parish communities will take up the mantle as Director of Parish 2020 for the Sydney Archdiocese. Mr Daniel Ang, Director of the Office of Evangelisation in the Diocese of Broken Bay for the past...

Cobbler put his heart and sole into job

Antonio Colubriale lays claim to something very few people can … saving the Pope’s 'sole'.

The Power of Jack

Today, Jack Berne has his own charity and known worldwide for his incredible efforts uniting the nation for those struggling on the land. Photo: Alphonsus Fok
It was almost too simple an idea. Dress up like a farmer for a day and donate $5 for the privilege. $2.1 million dollars later, the freckle-faced kid behind it still can’t believe what he’s done for those living through the worst drought Australia’s seen in centuries.