March 27, 2017

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The Good Samaritan: The fictional foreigner who knew who his neighbour was.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: We are all the mugged man, the woman in grave sin

When most people hear the word ‘Samaritan’, they think of The Good Samaritan, rather than the not-so-good one of today’s Gospel. At first glance the two are unconnected by anything but nationality. The Good Samaritan appears only in Luke’s Gospel (Lk 10:25-37) and the Samaritan Woman at the Well only in John’s (Jn ch. 4). […]


A way through the fog: Tracey Rowland recovers the ‘both/and’ approach in Catholic Theology

Catholic Theology is the latest in Bloomsbury’s series that introduces the theological traditions of the major Christian churches – Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Reformed and, now, Catholic – to those who want to learn more about their own faith, those wanting to understand better the rival but complementary theological traditions of fellow Christians, and those […]

St Michael's, Lane Cove, in this undated file photo.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: We must decrease, the Church must increase

Backed by a rendition of the 1988 song It’s got to be perfect by British band Fairground Attraction, a current TV ad opens with a nappy-clad child rummaging through a woman’s handbag, removing a lipstick and using it to draw on a wall. The mum, not the slightest bit perturbed, simply wipes the wall clean and […]


Bigger fish to fry: Archbishop Fisher’s homily at the ordination of Br John Nguyen

Last September the British photographer, Jim Grover, spent a day snapping people crossing Westminster Bridge: locals and visitors, adults and children. They became a major exhibition, yet strangely none of these pictures shows a face. Grover says he wanted to capture aspects of life around that very busy London bridge that faces might distract from […]

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP relaxes outside his hospital room. The last few months have seen him engaged in daily rehabilitation as he recovers from Guillain Barré Syndrome. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

Archbishop Fisher: What am I supposed to do for Lent, fasting and alms wise?

In this season of Lent, we seek to experience the mercy of God the Father, and to practise it in our daily lives. But first we must experience our need for mercy, that is, our brokenness and, indeed, our sinfulness, in so far as we have failed to love God above all, and to love […]

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP update on Royal Commission hearings and payments to victims

The Archbishop of Sydney, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP released this statement, late last night: 17 Feb 2017 My dear friends, The Royal Commission into Institutionalised Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has released further figures on claims made against Catholic organisations, including what the Church has paid in response to those claims. This includes allegations of […]

Christian Catholic groups
Holy Family Parish, East Granville
Good Friday 25/03/2016

Starting as a small group of parishioners in 2002, the Good Friday Walk from Holy Family parish to St. Mary's Cathedral has now grown to 1,200 enthusiastic Christians on pilgrimage in the middle of the night. At the front of the 2km line of pilgrims is a three metre Cross and a Vatican flag carried by volunteers, the pilgrimage itself is a 24km Stations of the Cross with Rosary prayers and hymns through the night along Parramatta road to the Cathedral.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: The faith is living tradition, not a dead letter

The Word of God has converted hearts, transformed lives and inspired action in millions of people for two millennia and more. It has also played a major role in shaping our language and culture, and so our thinking and communication; the King James Bible stands with Shakespeare as the two principal sources of modern English. […]

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP pastoral message on the Royal Commission’s Catholic wrap up

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP pastoral message in response to the beginning of the Royal Commission’s Final Hearing on the Catholic Church My dear friends, The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has begun its final three-week review of the performance of the Catholic Church in Australia. And what has been revealed has […]


Our post-truth society is afraid to look truth in His face

Recently the Oxford English Dictionary announced its Word of the Year 2016 was ‘post-truth’. It defined ‘post-truth’ as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” Use of the term ‘objective facts’ here is telling, as it implies that the […]

Pope Francis greets a baby during his general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican 7 January 2015. Photo: CNS

Archbishop’s Christmas message: Shh! Our God is cooing

What sound most moves us? A natural one such as a thunder-clap, rain on a tin roof, or a kookaburra’s laugh? Or a more human sound, such as the weeping of a well-played violin or the weeping of those who must listen to one being played badly? A siren racing a patient to hospital? Or […]