September 26, 2017

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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Homily for the Memorial Mass for the Unborn

“I pull a Kleenex from its box and hand it to Stevie Nicks. She wipes a tear as it slides down her cheek. She cries… when she speaks of the babies she might have had.”[1] Thus begins a 1992 interview given by the 5-foot-1 ‘Queen of Rock’n’roll’, Stevie Nicks, to Vox Magazine’s Spencer Bright. Known for […]

A couple pictured after the annual Marriage Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney

Archbishop Fisher: Does Pope Francis support same-sex marriage?

A number of commentators have recently suggested that loyalty to Catholic teaching, and especially to Pope Francis, would allow, even require, support for same-sex marriage; by implication, the Australian bishops misunderstand Catholic teaching and have been disloyal to Pope Francis by saying Catholics should vote NO. But what has Pope Francis actually said about this? […]

PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

Archbishop Anthony Fisher: Funeral homily for John Richard Johnson

“It is shameful and inhuman to treat men like chattels to make money from, or to regard them merely as so much muscle power… To the rich I say… once the demands of necessity and propriety have been met, the rest that one owns belongs to the poor.”[1] Was that Marx or Engels? No, it […]


Between ideal and reality: What future for marriage in Australia?

1. A trip down memory lane 1.1 The first Harman lecture The Harman Lecture was established to honour the late Rev. Dr Francis Harman, a charming and wise canonist, ethicist and parish priest who long hoped for a session of the John Paul II Institute in Australia, celebrated its conception, but died in 2000 just […]

Johnno Johnson and his wife, Pauline, enjoy a moment with Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP on 10 September 2015 at Wolper Hospital in Woolhara. On the same occasion, Archbishop Fisher presented him with the papal award of the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Gregory the Great. PHOTO: Peter Rosengren

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: ‘Johno’ Johnson will be sorely missed

It was with great sadness that today we learned of the death of John Richard ‘Johno’ Johnson at the age of 87. Johno was a remarkable man who had a profound influence on all those he encountered. Inspired by the great loves of his life—the Catholic Church, the Australian Labor Party, his beloved wife Pauline […]


Proposed marriage bill would have ‘grave consequences’ for people of faith

The proposed marriage amendment bill released on 6 August will not protect the religious freedom of the Australian people (Online Editor’s note: Background to developments). The limited protections offered to ministers of religion and those already registered as civil celebrants evidences an incorrect assumption that freedom of religion is simply a matter for those engaged […]

Pop culture colossus Taylor Swift in an undated file photo.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Don’t be swift to judge

Taylor Swift is a household name. She’s famed for her honest, almost “confessional” songs, and for an instrumental prowess that has influenced a surge in girls wanting to learn guitar. She has received many awards and accolades, and is to be admired for her philanthropy if not necessarily for her private life or the causes […]


Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Not only knowledge, but wisdom

It’s a common trope in many films, TV shows, and books, ranging from Star Wars to Kung Fu Panda. A young protagonist eagerly goes to a sage to learn of the truth, only to find things are not as they appear, and to become frustrated by the teacher’s refusal to say anything directly, instead preferring […]


Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: God’s great gift of Marriage

This week past the first results of last year’s controversial census were released. It told us that the typical Australian is a 38-year-old Catholic woman, born in Australia of Anglo-Celtic descent, married with two kids, living in her own three-bedroom home in Sydney. This average Aussie is educated to at least Year 12, in full-time employment […]

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Statement following Cardinal George Pell charges

Many people will be shocked, as I have been, by the news that Victoria Police have issued charges against Cardinal George Pell in relation to sexual abuse allegations. Cardinal Pell has repeatedly and vehemently rejected these allegations and insisted that he is completely innocent. He will now have the opportunity to put his case in […]


Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Only by the Spirit’s power can we hope to overcome

On Pentecost three years ago the Holy Father hosted a prayer meeting for peace with the Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople; the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, and the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. This followed his impromptu invitation to the three when he was in the Middle East two weeks before. Promoting […]