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Bishop opposes death sentence for Charleston church killer

The bishop in the local area of one of America’s most horrifying, racially-motivated killings has re-iterated his opposition to the death penalty after the perpetrator was sentenced to death. Jurors unanimously agreed to sentence Dylann Roof to death for killing nine black churchgoers on 17...

The ‘saints next door’ who are in our midst

Pope Francis praised the everyday courage and sacrifice of nurses on International Nurses Day.

[email protected] with The Lighthouse author Michael D O’Brien

The Lighthouse is the latest tale by popular Canadian Catholic novelist, iconographer and artist Michael D O’Brien, published by Ignatius Press this month. More than a dozen books, many of them best-sellers including Fr Elijah: An Apocalypse, Elijah in Jerusalem, The Father's Tale, Sophia...

COVID Public Health Response Shows Limits of Care and Control

Public health orders raise questions about health, rights and conscience that are not easily resolved
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An Augustine for our time

Reading Time: 5 minutesTwo sharply different portraits depict the life and character of Charles de Foucauld. One is of a dissolute man, obese and wildly self-indulgent; an aristocrat who scorned his heritage, and a soldier who dishonoured his profession. The other is of an emaciated hermit, generously open to the needs of others, especially the […]
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Beating the Back to School Blues

By Justin Coulson I’m sure there really are kids out there who were excited about heading back to school after the summer holidays. But I don’t know any of them. About seven percent of Aussie kids aged 4-17 years experience anxiety disorders each year, and school...

Joanne Navarra: Our beautiful God led me to teach

Joanne tells about sharing the Good News in schools As a catechist running religion classes in a Sydney public primary school, Joanne Navarra says her own faith and spiritual life have grown "immensely". Why did you become a catechist? It was a Sunday morning at St Augustine's...

The public evangelist: Christ the Redeemer comes to Rodd Point

Stunning home mural has been capturing hearts It’s a little bit of Brazil in the heart of Sydney! A huge 20 x 15 metre mural of Christ the Redeemer visible for kilometres has been painted in a glass-fronted home in Rodd Point, evangelising to all who...

Doctors urge ministers over youth gender treatments

Medical practitioners are urging health ministers to exercise caution on irreversible interventions

Don’t forget Fairfield

Reading Time: 6 minutes“At 9am the helicopters started hovering. They’d hover for the next hour, hour and a half, spotting people. “It was the very first time I thought, ‘Here I am celebrating Mass and I’m fearing being arrested.’ This would happen in Communist China, not in a country where we’re free.” As NSW reopens […]
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