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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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How professional training may be the way to discover meaning in life

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Pope Francis extended his heartfelt thanks to thousands of Italians who work in professional training at the National Confederation of Professional Training.

The institute is guided by Catholic values and promotes work that puts people first. The pope applauded this and encouraged them to continue their empathetic work.

“Do not lose sight of anyone, be attentive to young people. Take care of those who have not had opportunities or who come from disadvantaged social situations.”

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Looking ahead to the future of the institute, the pope warned the members to carefully approach new technology and understand that it cannot solve all problems.

But above all, he placed a special emphasis on the life-changing impact their work can have.

“Because a good vocational education enables one to do a job and, at the same time, to discover the meaning of one’s existence in the world and in society.”

Before the pope extended his final blessing, he prayed a Hail Mary together with the group.

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