May 23, 2017

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As part of Series Fathers on Tap, Bishop Richard Umbers gives a talk at The Two Wolves: Community Cantina in Broadway, on 29 March.Photo: Giovanni Portelli

Want to evangelise the world? Study metaphysics, says Sydney’s Bishop Richard Umbers

In a recent talk given at the Theology of the Pub in Melbourne, Australia’s youngest Bishop, Richard Umbers, finished with a surprising statement: “If you really want to evangelise, learn metaphysics”. For many, ‘metaphysics’ conjures an image where a dusty lecturer in a dusty room, asks; “is a chair really a chair?” It is seen, […]

John Daly displays one of the many icons produced by the Icon School of St Luke, operating out of Melbourne’s Caroline Chisholm Library. PHOTO: Laura Cheung, iCapture Photography

How Great Thou Art: the icon school creating ‘windows to heaven’ in Melbourne

On the third level of Mitchell House–near the busy intersection of Lonsdale and Elizabeth streets–dedicated painters gather each week to pray and work. They are members of the Icon School of St Luke at the Caroline Chisholm Library, operating since May 2002 and led by iconographer and woodworker John Daly. While icons are the traditional […]


Musical provokes and pokes fun at attempts to make Assisted Suicide cool

I don’t think that someone is going to push me And truthfully that isn’t what I fear It’s worse, it’s that I’ll choose to die A willing volunteer These are the closing thoughts of Assisted Suicide: The Musical, a musical that lit-up the stage at the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne for the 2017 Comedy Festival. The definition of […]


Servants of one truth: Deacon scientist says it’s a myth that science and faith can’t mix

Ask your average millennial about the Church and Science and you’re likely to get an overwhelmingly negative response: “The Church is archaic and medieval but science is progressive” would be a pretty typical answer. Melbourne Deacon Joseph Leach, planetary geologist, recently retired lecturer from Melbourne University’s Department of Geomatics and also a former NASA researcher, tells […]

What's on the menu for Lent?

9 things to try this Lent — It’s not too late to begin, or begin again

If you feel you have had a pretty weak start to Lent, and are wondering what to do, don’t despair. Lent is the “tough love” program of the Catholic Faith. A kind of spiritual detox, it is designed to cleanse, tone and strengthen the whole person: the body through fasting, the mind through almsgiving and the […]

The Faces of Mercy triptych by Niké Arrighi Borghese. Photo: Courtesy of Michael Campbell

Australian artists present Faces of Mercy in Sydney and Rome

The Faces of Mercy is a ninety-minute work of art documenting the ‘narrative’ of Mercy, following the story of the individual soul and of mankind as a whole – its fall, purgation and redemption – through art, poetry and music. The combined work of world-class Australian artists Princess Niké Arrighi Borghese, a painter; Kevin Brophy, […]


Repeat offenders: why people keep coming back to the Christus Rex pilgrimage

Generally, when people go on pilgrimage, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Take, for ex­ample, the Camino de Santiago, a gruelling 790km trek across the top of Spain, or the pilgrim destina­tions of Rome, Jerusalem, Lourdes or Fatima. These pilgrimages are often turning points in one’s faith life. The annual Christus Rex pil­grimage from Ballarat to Bendigo, […]


Putting the love back in sex: an interview with Theology of the Body expert Christopher West

Since the publication of his book, Theology of the Body Explained (2003), Christopher West has become “The” (capital T) populariser of St John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. His ability to make the profound-yet-esoteric thought of the Polish saint available to everyone has made him one of the most sought after Catholic speakers around […]

David van Gend

Printers refuse to print book opposing gay marriage

One day before Dr David van Gend’s book Stealing from a Child: The Injustice of Marriage Equality was due to launch the printer announced its refusal to print “due to the subject matter”. “This was the first time in 10 years that the printer for Connor Court has refused to publish a book, even though they […]