November 24, 2017

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Catholics pray after vandals hit

There has been an overwhelming response from Catholics following the desecration of a statue of Our Lady at a church in Sydney’s inner west. The statue was attacked at St Paul of the Cross Church, Dulwich Hill, in the early hours of the morning of Monday 20 November with the heads of both Our Lady […]


Champions of mums and bubs recognised

Those who selflessly give of their time and energy to help women facing crisis and unplanned pregnancies have long been the unsung heroes of the pro-life movement. The annual Pregnancy Support Awards seek to redress that situation by thanking and recognising the tireless generosity of those who voluntarily help women in desperate need of someone […]

Mosaic, c1900 of the Virgin in the Rosary Basilica, Lourdes, France. PHOTO: Fr Lawrence Lew OP

How I got over struggling with the Rosary

I have always struggled with praying the Rosary. Repeating the same prayer over and over again is monotonous and the prayers are so familiar that praying them can feel dry, meaningless and a bit mechanical. The Mysteries of the Rosary are stories cradle Catholics have heard so many times that the amazement and wonder at […]


The physicist who fell for God

“I always believed I was studying God by doing physics,” says Fr Sebastian Hew, a newly ordained priest and physicist with a doctorate from Cambridge University. Ordained to the priesthood for the Sydney Archdiocese in August this year, Fr Hew says his belief in God was never problematic during his career as an experimental physicist […]

Lyle Shelton ponders what will happen if gender-less marriage is passed. PHOTO: Patrick J Lee

Inside the ‘No’ campaign: ‘We will become dissidents in our own country’

Lyle Shelton is back on the road again. In fact, he’s been almost nowhere else for the last four months as he relentlessly criss-crosses the nation, travelling from one speaking destination to the next as he spearheads the Coalition for Marriage’s ‘No’ campaign for the current postal survey. He’s tired, but it doesn’t really come […]


10,000 back true marriage at family festival

Same-sex marriage advocates would have been rattled by the sight of a 10,000-strong crowd of Christians from migrant communities gathered last weekend to express their opposition to the redefinition of marriage. Eastern bishops, clergy, religious sisters and laity strongly voiced their rejection of same-sex marriage, in an impressive display of solidarity and unity. Organised by […]

Phillip Collignon with wife Debbie outside ACN’s Anangrove offices. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

Sydney’s $60 million man says farewell

He’s the $60 million man – literally. Over nearly three decades, Sydney man Phillip Collignon has raised more than $60 million in aid of poor and persecuted Christians around the world, but most people would not have heard of this humble and softly-spoken man. Phillip is retiring at the end of this year after 27 […]


Melkites a bridge to the East

The first Melkite Catholic priest arrived in Sydney 126 years ago. Thanks to that pioneering priest, Fr Sylwanus Mansour, the first non-Western church was established in Sydney. St Michael the Archangel Melkite Greek Catholic Church on Wellington Street, Waterloo, had its foundation stone laid in 1893. “At the time it was something strange, perhaps exotic,” […]

Melkite Catholics swarm their brother and man of the moment, Rob Azar. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

Rob sets off on 300km walk to build a new church

Rob Azar is a man who has learnt to keep walking even when the going gets tough. On 1 October he began a 300km trek from Sydney to Canberra, to help raise funds to build a new church for the St Elias Melkite Catholic Community. His week-long pilgrimage started at St Raphael’s Church in Merrylands, […]


Marriage redefinition by stealth ‘already well underway’

When Pat Byrne tells people that state schools will be forced to teach students about transgenderism if marriage is redefined, the reaction he usually gets is disbelief. Surely something so far-fetched couldn’t be true, they think. Surely this is just the “No” campaigners engaging in scare mongering. Then he shows them the federal and state […]


Children are not chattels: An interview with children’s rights campaigner Katy Faust

Redefining marriage will effectively redefine parenthood, denying children the right to be raised by their own biological parents, says Katy Faust, an advocate for children’s rights from the United States, who was herself partially raised by a same-sex couple. Recently in Sydney, Katy is an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage and founder of the Them […]


US paediatrician says fatherhood is key to happiness, in this life and the next

American author Dr Meg Meeker has spent the last 30 years practising paediatric and adolescent medicine. Her work with countless families over the years served as the inspiration behind her best-selling books Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters; Strong Mothers, Strong Sons, and her latest, Hero: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need. Dr Meeker recently spoke […]