April 25, 2017

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An icon of St Mary Magdalene depicting her long association with the red Easter egg of many Orthodox and Eastern Catholic traditions.

Catherine Sheehan: Did Mary Magdalene invent the Easter egg?

Catherine Sheehan interviewed on ABC Melbourne by Andy Bellairs. Source: ABC Radio Melbourne In researching the history of Easter eggs, I came across a fascinating tradition within the Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Churches that links Mary Magdalene with the invention of the Easter egg. There are a couple of legends regarding Mary Magdalene and eggs, […]


Standing in solidarity with the women left to ‘choice’

Often what makes a pregnancy a ‘crisis pregnancy’ is the lack of support a woman receives from those around her. Feeling alone, facing financial difficulties, often under pressure to abort, and receiving no encouragement or practical help, many women decide abortion is their only option. This was brought to light recently in the media with […]


Syrian and Iraqi kids welcomed to Our Lady of the Rosary in Fairfield

According to Patrician Brother, Nicholas Harsas FSP, Our Lady of the Rosary primary school in Fairfield, is “the best school in Australia”. As Principal of ten years, Br Nicholas tells this to all of his 670 students, including a group of refugee students recently arrived from Syria and Iraq. Our Lady of the Rosary school, […]