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Friday, June 14, 2024
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How a woman’s fertility health affects her overall health

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Natural Fertility Awareness Week runs from 23-29 August. PHOTO: 123rf

Free webinar will unpack key insights into proven method

Few women realise that a woman’s fertility hormones control more than her cycle and ovulation. They are an integral part of her overall health.

Natural Fertility Awareness Week, which this year runs from August 23-29, is an opportunity for women to learn more about the unique signs that their bodies exhibit.

This knowledge can be harnessed by women to assist in maximising fertility or postponing pregnancy, as well as monitoring their general health, all without any of the usual side effects of chemical contraception.

Lynne Anderson, CEO of Billings LIFE, wishes she had a dollar for every time she has heard a woman ask her,” Why haven’t I heard about this before?”

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Using a natural method of fertility regulation, such as the Billings Ovulation Method, empowers a woman to feel comfortable in her own skin, while giving her real control and power in decisions about her fertility.

To Launch Natural Fertility Awareness Week and to give women an insight into the Billings Ovulation Method and how it can be used to monitor reproductive health, a free webinar will be held on Monday 23 August at 7.30pm (EST) Register for the webinar here.

The Billings Ovulation Method was devised by a Catholic couple, Drs John and Evelyn Billings. Dr Lyn Billings believed “This is knowledge of her body that every woman ought to have”. Every woman should comprehend and learn how to read her own unique signs. And with the help of an accredited teacher, it’s a simple process.

Billings LIFE offers an Australia-wide and not-for-profit teaching service, which even the Covid-19 pandemic couldn’t stop! With the use of online charting systems which can be shared with a teacher and modern means of video communication, as long as a woman has an internet service she can be taught in remote settings throughout the country.

Lynne Anderson, CEO of Billings LIFE, wishes she had a dollar for every time she has heard a woman ask her,” Why haven’t I heard about this before?” And she is not the only teacher to hear this refrain. In an age when we have easy access to so much of the world’s knowledge, it amazes her that women know so little about their own bodies.


“Most women think that if they are bleeding regularly, then everything is working properly. But there is so much more we could learn if we had the know-how. Women can bleed even though they don’t ovulate, so bleeding is not the best indicator of healthy fertility. It is regular ovulation, not regular bleeding, that indicates good health,” she says.

As the hormonal balance that regulates ovulation influences the entire body, the presence of normal ovulatory cycles is a good indicator of a woman’s overall health. That’s where tracking her cycles will give the woman the information she needs.

Hormones are vital to the health and maintenance of your brain, bones, blood sugar levels, mood, and more. Simple charting allows women to document and monitor the activity of her reproductive hormones, and to understand how they affect her body.

Women who know what is normal for them are easily alerted to the first signs of abnormality and can seek early diagnosis and appropriate medical treatment. The Billings Ovulation Method® is a simple yet effective way to monitor these important hormonal changes.

For more information or to contact a tutor, see

Lynne Anderson is the Executive Director of the Ovulation Method Research and Reference Centre of Australia

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