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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Pope Francis addresses the Orthodox Churches

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Pope Francis addressed the Orthodox Churches during the Regina Coeli on 5 May. He sent them his “great affection and best wishes” as they began their Easter celebrations according to the Julian calendar.

“May the Risen Lord fill all communities with joy and peace, and comfort those who are in trial. To them, Happy Easter!”

The question still remains as to whether next year Catholics and Orthodox will celebrate Easter on the same day—something that has been on the table for years.

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Pope Francis also welcomed an association that works to combat paedophilia both in Italy and internationally.

“I welcome the Association Meter, committed to combating all forms of child abuse. Thank you, thank you for your commitment and for courageously continuing your important work.”

The pope then asked for prayers for Brazil, where a town was affected by heavy flooding.

He finished by extending special greetings to the new Swiss guards and their families.

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