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Charity begins at Tierney House

An incredibly painful baker’s cyst was one of the best things to happen to Shelley Dawson. The 61-year-old mother of six, was homeless, living on the streets, never knowing where her next meal would come from until she developed severe swelling behind her knee and...

New hope for body image disorders

ACU researchers discovered that a single dose of the ‘love hormone’, oxytocin, can help cure sufferers.

Vatican history and art all now online

Covid means fewer tourists for Rome’s Vatican Museums, but an alternative is available. Photo: CNS, Paul Haring
As museums and historical sites in Italy slowly begin opening their doors after several months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, technology may prove to be the “renaissance” the country’s tourism industry desperately needs. Recently, countries within the European Union have opened their borders...

Archbishop Gomez: US election exposed divisions that can only be healed by Christ

By Archbishop José Gomez I am not alone in observing that this long campaign season exposed deep divisions in our society and real anxiety about our country’s future direction. I would also say that this is the first election where we can see very clearly that we...

Life to the full despite infertility pain

New book shares personal stories not often told in the Church.

Dancing family brings viral joy amid virus lockdowns

Millions watch the Hoffmans jazz-handing joy to a 'shut down' world When health officials recommended self-isolation to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Ali Hoffman and her parents, Michael and Michele, found themselves quarantined in their Fort Worth-area home. In their boredom, they donned their "party...

YouTuber runs the race with faith

A young Sydney Catholic combines her talents in a unique social media outreach.

Political correctness is eroding education

Dr Kevin Donnelly is hopeful that despite the fact Australia’s education system is now dominated by political correctness and left-wing ideology, the pendulum is starting to swing back in the other direction. “I believe in the essential goodness of people,” Dr Donnelly, a Senior Research...

Loving care until the end

Taking care of her dying mother in her own home is something Melbourne woman Ingrid Kuebler never dreamed she could do.

A Quiet Defender

Catholic School Assistant Principal Andrew Emanuel know's all too well what it's like to experience the highs- and lows- of being one of those fighting on the frontlines of Australia's bushfires. "Thank you Firies!" We’ve heard it a lot over the last few months after Australia’s...