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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Breaking silence on Christian persecution

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Credit: Rome Reports

For the Martyrs annual March in DC will take place on 27 April to draw attention to the ongoing crisis of persecution of Christians around the world.

According to Open Doors International, more than 365 million people face discrimination, persecution and violence for simply practicing their faith.

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Founder of For the Martyrs, Gia Chaca said “They’re facing loss of their businesses. They’re being kidnapped and tortured.”

She explained that even in countries like Egypt where it’s legal to be a Christian “you’re very much seen as a second class citizen.”

“If you’re accused of a crime and you have to go to court, your testimony is going to be seen as less than half of your Muslim brother or sister or your Muslim neighbour.”

For the Martyrs is an organisation Gia started after witnessing the struggles of Christians around the world. It is dedicated to breaking the silence of religious persecution.

“It’s the first and only large scale march in the United States that brings together Christians across all denominations as one voice for the persecuted Church,” Gia explained.

“And this is such an important event because, and many people don’t know, that Christians are the most persecuted religious group and Christian persecution is actually increasing every single year.”

Gia has noticed a spike in religious persecution in recent years. Countries like Nicaragua are expelling religious organisations and having priests and bishops arrested.

For the Martyrs gives names to the people behind the data.

To date, the organisation has been serving in countries across the globe like Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.

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