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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Pope Francis requests missionaries serve as “fathers” for disadvantaged youth

Rome Reports
Rome Reports
ROME REPORTS is a private, independent television news agency based in Rome, Italy, specialising in covering the Pope and the Vatican.
Credit: Rome Reports

Pope Francis met with missionaries of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, encouraging them to “Be loving and compassionate fathers to the marginalised.” He met with the brothers as they took part in their general chapter meeting near Rome 26 March —24 April.

“Your vocation impels you to go where others do not go, to the periphery, to the people who belong to the ranks of the rejected, those wounded by life and victims,” he told the group during an audience at the Vatican on 22 April.

“May your presence be a source of hope for many, especially as so many people in the world have been disfigured by wars, indifference and the rejection of the weakest,” he said.

The delegates re-elected Haitian Brother Hervé Zamor as superior general. The congregation, made up of more than 760 brothers, is divided into 11 provinces on five continents.

The pope recognised their work in regions of the world “where poverty, youth unemployment and social crises of all kinds rage.

“I urge you, therefore, to be fathers to those whom you are sent to, fathers who reflect the loving and compassionate face of God,” he said.

“Young people have dreams, but today, for so many reasons, they are shattered dreams. May you help them to revive their dreams, to believe in them and to realise them!”

He also urged them to help children who have experienced war to learn to smile again. “War does this: it makes children lose their smiles.”

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