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Bishops call for ‘a place at the table’ for older Australians

Bishops call for 'a place at the table' for older Australians
Consideration of social justice among an ageing population will be given prominence by the Church next weekend, but it’s a topic that inevitably involves many people who are much younger. Media reports earlier this month outlined what was called the “carer welfare cycle” that’s placing...

Bishop Peter Ingham recuperating after breaking collar bone in weekend fall

Bishop Peter Ingham
Bishop Peter Ingham is recovering after breaking his collar bone during a fall on 11 September. The Bishop of Wollongong collapsed prior to a confirmation Mass on Sunday. He was admitted to Campbelltown Hospital for treatment, and underwent tests to determine the cause of the fall. While...

Embers set a fire on and off the court

Every week at an indoor basketball centre in Sydney’s Castle Hills, a group of women gather briefly to pray before their evening game. Five years ago nine young women were growing out of their parish youth ministry activities and getting busier juggling working and family...

In the magic of books, adventure awaits!

“Reading is one form of escape. Running for your life is another.” This slightly odd (yet undeniably true) quote comes from Lemony Snicket, author of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events.’ When I was a child it was one of my favourite book series. Over the...

LifeChoice Australia opens office

The student-run pro-life group says dedicated office space opens up many new possibilities.

Blessing of animals great and small

Fr Paul Ghanem ofm blesses a pet
Father Paul Ghanem ofm says he has witnessed “very intense” bonds between pets and their owners annual blessings of animals.

Pray and don’t panic urges diseases expert

Catholics should take care to limit virus spread and care for the vulnerable, says doctor.

Calming kids on coronavirus

A great resource to show your children Most children will now have heard about the coronavirus. Some may even have expressed a lot of fear or woken up with nightmares — which is not surprising, given the amount of alarming coverage in the news and the...

Caring for the sick is antidote to business mentality: Pope

The Catholic Church's care for the sick, especially through Catholic-run hospitals, is an antidote to "the business mentality that is seeking worldwide to turn health care into a profit-making enterprise," Pope Francis said. In his message for World Day of the Sick, released ahead of...

Teaching Children Self-care

‘Self-care’ is so much more than a hot trend or phrase social media influencers talk about. Self-care is all about taking care of yourself and is one of the most important parts of managing your wellbeing. It involves not only necessary day-to-day activities but also...