November 24, 2017

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Simcha Fisher: Want more priests? Try asking

We wrapped up Vocations Week in the United States a few weeks ago. A quick search tells me Australia had its vocation awareness week back in August. Never mind! As with vocations themselves, it’s almost never too late. On Sunday, our beloved pastor told a version of the story he often tells: He had already […]

PHOTO: Jim Monk, cc. 2.0

Simcha Fisher: Passing through the moor

Toward the beginning of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s excellent children’s book, The Secret Garden, the spoiled and wretched young Mary Lennox is in transit.  Her parents have died; her fortune is lost. She’s been plucked from a life of lavish wealth and comfort in colonial India, and, dressed in mourning, she is en route to … […]


Simcha Fisher: You can’t cure gay with football

In the latest of what I’m afraid will be a series of jeremiads against gayness, Catholic college professor Anthony Esolen makes two excellent points, plus a lot of … other points. Esolen’s most recent installment is Talk To Your Father, in which he reminds teenage boys it’s very common for them to become aroused unexpectedly […]


Simcha Fisher: The hard way

When I want my daughter to do something, sometimes I will ask her, “Easy way or hard way?” She is two-and-a-half and very smart. I know it will pass, but right now, she always chooses the hard way. Even if she wants to go to sleep, she will kick and scream and try to slither […]


Simcha Fisher: Feeding time in the Father’s nest

Have you ever seen a nest of baby birds waiting to be fed? They open their beaks so wide, they become nothing but mouth. The frantic parents fly back and forth without resting, and there’s no elegance or poetry to their method. All they have to do is cram as much wriggling protein as possible […]


Simcha Fisher: Give up your pride. Only God saves.

Once I heard a man reminisce about his wife, who died of breast cancer, leaving many young children behind. Before she even knew she was sick, she told her husband that the great sorrow of her life was knowing she couldn’t keep her family safe. As a young mother, I heard her fear and resolved […]


Simcha Fisher: Hugh Hefner sacrificed the person. Catholics, must not do the same

Hugh Hefner is dead. He launched his career, and went on to almost singlehandedly legitimize the porn industry, by buying a nude photo of Marilyn Monroe to use as a centerfold for the first Playboy magazine in 1953. He spent the next several decades building a tawdry empire out of the bodies of rail-thin, silicone-inflated, […]


Simcha Fisher: How to stay human while arguing on social media

Like many Catholics, I spend a lot of time on social media. Some of this is for my job: I need to find out what people are talking about. Some of this is for my own entertainment: I want to know what’s up. Some of this is for my own sanity: I need to talk […]


Simcha Fisher: Why do I take my noisy little kids to Mass?

The affable host of a popular radio show featuring live concerts of classical music recently replayed a few seconds of a recital. Laughing, he pointed out that a baby in the audience wailed soulfully during a quiet passage, making an unintentional duet with the flute. He noted that, if parents want their children to develop […]


Simcha Fisher: Tend to your monsters, that’s the first thing

This is an American political essay that isn’t really about politics. It’s about monsters. Stay with me. My country is dealing with several simultaneous natural disasters, while we haven’t yet recovered from the man-made disaster of a few weeks ago in Charlottesville. Nazis marched, people protested, and antifa terrorists joined that protest. Violent extremists from […]

PHOTO: Tom Pumford

Simcha Fisher: Marriage warriors, look to your own homes

I won’t presume to try to understand the legal and societal ramifications of the upcoming plebiscite on gay marriage. All I can tell you is we in the United States were in turmoil over gay marriage, too, not so long ago. We quickly discovered that our best arguments were on shaky ground. It was almost […]

White nationalists are met by counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, 12 August, during a demonstration over a plan to remove the statue of a Confederate general from a city park. PHOTO: CNS

Simcha Fisher: The wheat and weeds in my heart

Weeds have been on my mind for months. My garden is overgrown as usual, and my flower beds are inexcusable, but it’s easy to ignore them. It’s harder to ignore the weeds that are demanding more and more of our attention in public discourse. Over the last few days, so many of my friends have […]