June 20, 2018

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Simcha Fisher: What I learned from my mistakes as a writer

A friend recently asked me, “What was the best online criticism of your work that you ever read? Not something crazy or mean but something that caused you to think, ‘That person has a point. I will adjust accordingly.’” Excellent question. I do like to blow off steam from time to time by sharing the […]


Simcha Fisher: Learning to live as a baptised person

A friend asked, “You mentioned once that having kids brought you and your husband back to the Church. Can you elaborate what that was like?” I remember the exact moment it dawned on me that, after several years of being indifferent or even rebellious Catholics, there could now be No More Coasting. We were sitting […]


Simcha Fisher: Five pieces of advice for pastors (and a thank-you)

Last week, a priest responded to the article “Five Rules for a Royal Bride” with a humble request: “I wish Catholics in the pews would write us new pastors and new ordained priests advices like these! Y’all help us to be men of God, men for others, and men that have joy in their lives! […]


Simcha Fisher: Your personal apocalypse is the only one worth tracking

A woman told me she thought a Marian apparition was just about due. Others in the room nodded their heads, agreeing that was starting to feel pretty apocalyptic around here. Maybe now would be a good time for Mary to stop in and give us our final warnings. I couldn’t bring myself to disagree. Events […]


Simcha Fisher: Is it technically abuse? Does it really matter?

Imagine you’re in the emergency room, talking to the triage nurse. She asks you what happened, what you’re feeling, how much pain you’re in, and how long it’s been going on. And then she makes a decision about how quickly you need to be seen. Sometimes, another patient comes in, and he’s in much worse […]


Simcha Fisher: Seven things Australians don’t know about life in the United States

For too long, Australia, I’ve been squinting at my writing schedule, tapping away at my keyboard, and then sending my essays strapped to digital pigeons wafting over the oceans to your shores, merrily ignoring the vast cultural gulf that divides me and thee, Australia. This stops now. I am here and you are there, and […]


Simcha Fisher: Think globally, like the Church, and vaccinate

Monday the 30th wrapped up World Vaccination Week. I was somewhat tickled to see that the Vatican, in a short press release, approached the topic as if it’s straightforward and devoid of controversy. It simply points out the many benefits of vaccination, and the bad things that happen when vaccination isn’t happening. The reason the […]


Simcha Fisher: How Do We Help Each Other Bear The Cross?

  In a recent article, I talked about how much we are affected by the company we keep, and how important it is to deliberately choose friends who will help us stay true to the cross. The article was superficially about Natural Family Planning (NFP), but also about all kinds of other lifestyles, and all […]

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Simcha Fisher: The good and the bad of enduring sticky-sweet novenas

This year, in a fit of spiritual panic, I announced to my family that we’d be praying the Divine Mercy novena. It started on Good Friday and culminated on Easter Saturday, and by gum, we did it. At least, we stopped after Easter Saturday. There may have been some funny business around Day 6, but […]


Simcha Fisher: What is your weak link?

A friend of mine makes chain mail jewelry. It’s beautiful and elegant, and also extraordinarily strong. When she offered a simple product, a little miraculous medal attached to a steel chain with a little knot of steel chain mail links, the response was almost hysterically positive. It wasn’t just attractive, but it solved a real […]


Simcha Fisher: What will the detective say over your cooling corpse?

When actor Jerry Orbach died, I couldn’t help feeling a twinge of glee. To be clear, this has nothing to do with Orbach himself, and everything to do with me being a giant, insecure weirdo. Perhaps you’d like to hear more. What happened was, toward the end of a long and respectable career, Orbach played […]


Simcha Fisher: The catechesis of diabetes

Today marks ten days since our daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She is ten, and is adapting to her new life with much more ease and grace than I am. Ten days in, and the injections are almost routine, but we’re still struggling with re-thinking meals. The old categories just don’t work anymore. I […]