July 21, 2017

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Simcha Fisher: What do guardian angels do?

We just got back from camping for a few days. Well, “camping.” When we’re home, we live like savages, but when we go camping, we keep it pretty civilised. But that didn’t stop our two-year-old from going completely feral. We were surrounded by lakes, streams, machetes, open campfires, pitfalls, poisonous berries, sharp metal skewers, and […]


Simcha Fisher: Charlie Gard will die. But is it murder?

It is a dreadful thing to be careless or callous in matters of life or death. It is also a dreadful thing to be careless or callous when speaking about these matters. The secular world may be guilty about the former, but in the case of Charlie Gard, many in the Catholic world are guilty […]


Simcha Fisher: Getting kids to read more and better books

What’s the rule, ladies and gents? The rule is: If you scoff at someone for their struggles, you’ll someday be struggling with that same thing yourself. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me, especially as a parent. My current comeuppance: I used to scoff at parents who had to push […]


Simcha Fisher: Love and diversity

The other night, my husband and I shared a pizza as we recovered from yet another graduation. I made some passing remark about Trump’s policy change toward Cuba. It turns out my husband has (as usual) read up quite a bit more than I had on the topic, and he gave me a much better […]


Simcha Fisher: Everyday martyrdom for the weak and afraid

A friend marked the feast day of a martyr by asking, “How many Catholics nowadays would be willing to suffer like this?” I had to admit, to my shame, I wasn’t sure I’d willingly submit to torture rather than repudiate Christ. I love Jesus, but I am weak and a coward. Maybe, as with the […]

Rather more impressive than copulating flies, wouldn't you say? It might have been otherwise. PHOTO: Pixabay

Simcha Fisher: pleasure is not a problem, rejoice already!

Two flies cuddled on the tip of the overhead lamp in my bedroom. As the baby nursed and I slowly rose out of the fuddlement of sleep, I gazed up at the flies and felt a strange tenderness and pity. It would have been a prime opportunity to swat them dead and get rid of […]

PHOTO: Pixabay

Simcha Fisher: Words are fine, but the real grace is in the follow-up

This is what I saw when I opened Facebook this morning: It took me a second to figure out what it was about. Then I remembered: An exhausted friend had posted a question about sleep regression and night terrors in her daughter. Several other friends responded with advice, encouragement, and commiseration. And then one of […]

Behold! The recently released logo for World Youth Day in Panama, January 22-27, 2019. PHOTO: CNS

Simcha Fisher: WYD Panama logo or duelling lobster shell crackers?

What is a logo, anyway? You know what it is: It’s an image, often simple and stylised, used by a business or organisation. It’s supposed to be instantly recognisable, preferably eye-catching and memorable, and it’s supposed to convey what the business or organisation is about. Colour, font, and composition all contribute to the design, which […]

Fr Damien of Molokai on his deathbed, having spent 16 years' ministering among lepers - eventually developing Hansen's disease (leprosy) himself.

Simcha Fisher: The life of St Damien the Leper

Every saint’s story reflects the life of Christ in one way or another; but the biography of St Damien of Molokai, whose feast day was May 10, is full of unusually striking parallels. His sacrifice was entirely voluntary. After the Hawaiian government isolated its lepers on a peninsula to contain the disease, the Church realised […]

PHOTO: Ben Francis, cc 2.0

Simcha Fisher: Blessed are the ungifted. Everything’s a gift.

Timothy Jones, one of my favourite living American painters, is also a high school teacher, and his kids produce spectacular results. He once told me, A lot of the kids are surprised to learn that there are steps to making a work of art. They think you just come out of the womb with this talent, that you […]


Simcha Fisher: Of Our Lady, Lucia, and Literacy

Francisco and Jacinta Marto, the two children who saw visions of Our Lady at Fatima, are to be canonised on May 13 when Pope Francis visits Portugal. But their older cousin, Lucia dos Santos, also saw and spoke with Our Lady. Why isn’t Lucia being canonised along with her cousins? The cute answer is: Our […]