October 16, 2018

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Simcha Fisher: I can see into the future

My land, it’s been a rough month. Every time we look at the news, there’s something else to make you feel terrible; and every time we look more deeply into the past, it’s even more terribly terrible still. Happily, I can see into the future. It’s a gift that’s been thrust upon me from the […]


Simcha Fisher: What do we do now?

You have heard it said that the Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. Well, here in that hospital, the power just went out, and it is dark. The emergency generators immediately kicked in, so there is still juice to the machines that keep us alive. The ones that breathe for […]


Simcha Fisher: Wounded by silence

The following testimony is from a friend who has suffered. She has pinpointed something that so many are missing, as we wrestle our way through the latest wave in the Catholic Church’s abuse and cover-up scandal. Whatever your hobby horse is — gay people, libertines, intolerance, the demands of celibacy, the dearth of women, the […]


Simcha Fisher: Napoleon at the baptismal font

The baby who was baptised last week was past the newborn stage, and strong enough to sit up on his own. At first, he was astonished to find water trickling down over his forehead, but he got over it quickly – and then he lurched forward in his mother’s arms, rummaged around in the font, […]


Simcha Fisher: Help, help, Humanae Vitae isn’t a rigorous logical treatise!

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Catholics have been indulging in a long, unrestrained, passionate orgy of whining about Humanae Vitae. Well, far be it from me to tell you you can’t complain about Catholic sexual ethics. They are hard. They cause suffering. They tell us things we don’t want to hear. […]


Simcha Fisher: But what if I don’t love God?

When I was little, I gobbled up book about saints, especially child saints. I wasn’t an especially pious kid; I was mostly in it for the fascinating, horrible details about martyrdom, and the dark self-interrogation about whether I could face down a lion or not. I was pretty sure I couldn’t, and I’d embarrass everybody […]


Simcha Fisher: We must remain open to the beauty around us

In the spring, we heard a bird singing. I asked my toddler what the bird was saying. She thought for a minute, and then said, “He is saying . . . I have a friend!” She was likely right, in a way. A lot of birdsong is what the dad in the novel A Day No […]


Simcha Fisher: Sunshine, buttercups, and rainbow flags

As the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae approaches, there’s been a lot of talk about the way we present and promote NFP to couples. One message keeps turning up: Enough with the sunshine and buttercups. We must stop telling couples, “Just use NFP, and you’ll automatically become close, learn to communicate, divorce-proof your marriage, and […]


Simcha Fisher: Should you go into debt to get a liberal arts degree?

Because there are so many strange things in the world, I imagine that somewhere, there are liberal arts college graduates who emerge from their liberal arts cocoons, tentatively fluttering their gorgeous, fragile wings and shuddering at the very thought of swinging a hammer or mopping a floor. Somewhere, there are effete, snobbish youths who believe […]


Simcha Fisher: When receiving art, be Penelope, not Argos

“Art and Poetry don’t explain the world, they depict it,” said author Michael Ende, in a letter to a reader. He continues: “They do not need anything that exceeds them. They themselves are goals. A good poem does not exist to improve the world – it in itself is a piece of an improved world, […]