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The power of the Spirit

Emmanuel members gather for dinner on the Community’s retreat.
Emmanuel members gather for dinner on the Community’s retreat.

On Pentecost retreat with the Paraclete

The power, inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit was the focus during a two-day Pentecost retreat run by the Emmanuel Community from 8 to 9 June at St Joseph’s Conference Centre in Bringelly.

About 70 people attended the event which featured celebration of Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Confession, praise and sharing groups.

“The Holy Spirit was working in powerful ways during the time at the Pentecost retreat. One thing that I was reminded of was the need to ‘lean on the heart of Jesus’,” said retreat participant, Yoko.

The theme of the weekend was the power of the Spirit as a force which can destroy both death and sin. The charisms of the Emmanuel Community — compassion, adoration and evangelisation — were also discussed.

“The Spirit really shone a light on the areas of my life that I need to bring to Him for healing,” another participant, Eli van Rensburg, said.

Several talks were given on the workings of the Spirit throughout the history of the Church, in the emergence of New Ecclesial Communities, and in the hearts of the faithful.

Sharing groups met each day to reflect on how the Spirit speaks to each person. Later, participants were given the opportunity to ask for an outpouring of the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

“I came to this retreat because I wanted to learn to forgive. I was told by the Holy Spirit that I need to forgive myself and other people in my life,” Clare Carrington said.

“The other thing I was shown was that we bloom where we are planted.”

The Emmanuel Community was founded in France in 1972, emerging out of the charismatic movement.

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