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Who’s responsible for bringing back the church’s lost sheep?

In the Biblical parable, Jesus described a shepherd with a flock of 99 faithful sheep and one rogue sheep. In the church in Australia today, we have the reverse: around 92 missing sheep for every eight sheep going to Mass on Sunday. Whose job is it to bring them back?

National study to investigate reasons for decline in Mass attendance

With the national Mass attendance rate now at just over eight per cent, the National Centre for Pastoral Research (NCPR) will soon commence a study of reported reasons why people who continue to affiliate as Catholics do not participate regularly in Sunday Mass.

Evangelisation with the Holy Spirit will not be overbearing

Pope Francis delivered a poignant message on Pentecost focused on two points: strength and kindness and how these two virtues can aid our efforts in evangelisation without being overbearing.

The Sisters of Life are coming to Sydney this month!

The Sisters of Life, including two well-known Aussie-born sisters, are coming to Sydney this month for events between 18-24 April, hosted by the Archdiocese of Sydney's University Chaplaincies

Parliamentarian, real estate guru awarded papal knighthoods

A business leader and former parliamentarian have received papal honours for decades of commitment to the faith and the church in Sydney.

Catholic women’s retreat for Lent draws record attendance numbers

Nearly 500 women gathered for Sydney’s biggest ever retreat day for Catholic women which was held at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Canadian evangelist Eric Chow shares proven principles for renewal

Free event: Associate Director for Ministries and Outreach in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, Eric Chow, will present proven strategies for evangelisation on 18 March, from 7:30-9pm

Are the ‘Nones’ a sign of decline or God at work...

Celebrated theologian and philosopher Monsignor Tomáš Halík shared his insights and experience on ministering to atheists and spiritual seekers with Australian audiences this month.

Breakdown to breakthrough: How Alpha brought Chris back from the brink

The Alpha program gave Chris, a cradle Catholic whose faith had lapsed, the foundation to rediscover and finally embrace his roots. Now he serves on his parish's Alpha team

Disciple Diaries: Careena’s five-decade journey to the Catholic faith

Careena Craven grew up in a household where faith was an unwelcome stranger. Now she's preparing to become a leader in her parish

Pope officially opens the Year of Prayer

With little fanfare, Pope Francis officially opened the Year of Prayer after Mass for the church’s celebration of Sunday of the Word of God.

Thousands answer the call to mission

Pope Francis' image of evangelisation as the “very oxygen” of Christian life captures the desire to reach others with the Gospel.
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