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Pope Francis to youth in Venice: secret of life is perseverance

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Pope Francis greeted the youth in Venice, emphasising that there is no life of faith until one discovers one’s own beauty.

He spoke to them from the Grand Canal of Venice, overlooking the Basilica of St Mary of Health, where his meeting took place a few minutes later.

“But, papa it’s not true. I am ugly, I am ugly.

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“No. No one is ugly. Each one of us is beautiful, is beautiful and has a treasure inside,” the pope said.

“A beautiful treasure to share and give to others. Do you agree with this or not?” he asked the crowd of youth.

He encouraged the youth to do a daily exercise when they wake up: to recognise their own beauty and thank God for it.

And that it is very important not to stop doing this exercise because great achievements take time. And the life of faith and the ability to resist negative thoughts are developed when one is aware of one’s own value.

“Remember that for God you are not a digital profile but a son. You are not a digital profile but a son who has a Father in heaven and who, therefore, you are a son of Heaven,” he taught.

“But Papa, this is too romantic. No. It is reality, dear. But we must discover it in our life. Not in books. In life, in our life. And it is not easy, but that is the secret. Yes, the secret of great achievements is perseverance.”

Nearly 1,500 young people were present in this prime location in the city, at the foot of St Mary of Health, located almost at the point that separates two of the great canals of Venice.

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