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Friday, July 26, 2024
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Altar servers descend upon the Vatican

50,000 altar servers from all over Europe—mainly Germany—will descend upon the Vatican on 30 July in St Peter's square to meet with Pope Francis. 

What’s the Olympic tradition Pope Francis has called for?

Ahead of the opening of the Olympic Games, Pope Francis suggested taking up an ancient tradition.

The importance of celebrating grandparents and the elderly

This year marks the fourth edition of the World Day dedicated to grandparents and the elderly. Pope Francis launched this initiative in 2021 with a special reason behind it.

Pope Francis: You are precious in the eyes of God

This year's papal summer had Pope Francis continue with what has become an annual tradition: visiting the Vatican's summer camp.

Consecrated life is not for the worldly ambitious

Pope Francis took a break from his July vacation to hold an official meeting with representatives of six religious congregations on the occasion of their general chapters.

Pope Francis: Overcoming individualism and envy

During the Angelus, Pope Francis reflected on the instructions Jesus gave his disciples when they went out to preach. He told them to go in pairs, meaning to not to go alone.

Why Pope Francis sticks to his old glasses

Pope Francis' message of simplicity and friendliness was put to action when he went to visit his optician to replace his lenses.  

The next generation of environmental leaders

At 14 years old, Francisco Vera is different from other teens his age, having already established an initiative with his friends called "Guardians for Life," to advocate for the environment.   

Pope Francis: Consumerism is a plague

Pope Francis has stressed a need for an active Christianity that knows how to shake free of problems such as consumerism. He delivered his message while celebrating Mass in Trieste. 

The Marian devotion Pope Francis began his papacy with

Pope Francis began his papacy with the patroness of the Eternal City when announced as pope in 2013, which has caused many to ask—who is she?

President Zelenskyy thanks Pope Francis for help in the release of...

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy thanked Pope Francis and the Vatican on his social media, for their efforts in the Ukrainian prisoner exchange.

What it means to turn 80 as a Cardinal

On 29 June, Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley from Ohio will celebrate his 80th birthday, removing his right to vote in a future conclave. His tenure as the president of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors will also come an end.
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