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Pope adds Luxembourg and Belgium to September travel plans

Rome Reports
Rome Reports
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Pope Francis will travel to Luxembourg and Belgium in September. The official dates have been confirmed by the Vatican, but the program of the visit has not yet been released.

On 26 September, the pope will go to Luxembourg. From there, he will travel directly to Belgium, where he will stay until the 29th. The pope revealed his plans to travel to Belgium in an interview a few months ago.

These two countries add to the pope’s intense September agenda of visiting 6 countries in one month.

He will also be in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Singapore. At 87 years old, this trip will be the longest of his pontificate thus far.

Pope Francis went to Venice at the end of April and then to the Italian city of Verona a couple of weeks later.

Only Argentina remains in the list of trips the pope has mentioned. For now, it has not yet been confirmed by the Vatican, but it would be a very special visit for the pope: his homeland.

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