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All Saints College Liverpool kicks off a new chapter

Benjamin Conolly
Benjamin Conolly
Benjamin Conolly is Media Advisor to NT Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, and a former Catholic Weekly staff writer.

The end of the chapter is not the end of the book. We may be a few chapters in, but the story of All Saints Catholic College is just getting started.

All Saints College community comes together to celebrate mass. Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2020

Previously three independent schools, All Saints Catholic Primary School, All Saints Catholic College and All Saints Catholic Senior College, 2020 sees the new All Saints College K-12 School burst into life, spread over two huge campuses.

Student leaders from both Liverpool and Casula campuses came together on Friday 14 February to celebrate the beginning of the newest chapter in their story.

A special mass was held for the official opening of the new college at All Saints Catholic Church, with nearly 850 school leaders, staff, parents and parishioners coming together in a packed out church for the first time as one school, with dual campuses forming one community.

“It’s a momentous occasion, significant not only for the school community but for the history of Catholic education and the All Saints parish,” said Daniel McInerney, the college’s new executive principal.

“It’s been an outstanding celebration, a really great spirit and energy in the church today.”

“It’s been an outstanding celebration, a really great spirit and energy in the church today.”

Supervised by Mr McInerney, the college continues to operate in K-6, 7-10 and 11-12 stages, with each being overseen by a campus principal.

Christine Scanlon continues in her position as campus principal for the K-6 stage, while Michael Hollis looks after 7-10 and David Forrester manages the senior college on the Casula campus.

Principals and Captains. Left to right:David Forrester, Madeline Byrne, Joseph Kimindiri, Daniel McInerney, Michael Hollis, Shayden Vaughan, Amy Guthrie, Christine Scanlon, Caitlyn Paulo and Lamaze Tyrell. Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2020

“This is a momentous occasion,” Mr Forrester said.

“There was a lot of planning and to see the fruition, all of this coming together today is very exciting for the learning journey of our staff, the students and all of our community.”

In addition to the principals, the school’s leadership team also has three pairs of captains, Caitlyn Paulo and Lamaze Tyrell of year six, Amy Guthrie and Shayden Vaughan in year 10, and Madeline Byrne and Joseph Kimindiri from year 12.

“I’m really excited to be working with Joseph as the new captains for 2020,” said Madeline Byrne.

“It’s exciting and nerve-racking to be the K-12 founding captains, but I’m really excited to see what we can do and to strengthen our bonds as a community.

“It gives us an opportunity to try and drive All Saints along the right path,” added Co-captain Joseph Kimindiri.

“It’s scary in some ways, but we’re really excited and open to the challenge.”

“It’s scary in some ways, but we’re really excited and open to the challenge.”

All Saints parish priest Fr Paul Monkerud celebrated the mass and gave a homily focused on the school’s new crest and motto ‘Inspired by Christ’.

“One of the great delights for me as parish priest is to recognise that the logo that is now accompanying us through everything in these formative years was come upon through a long process of consultation with students, staff, teachers and parishioners,” said Fr Paul.

“In the end it was chosen as the most appropriate for k-12, particularly by the students who wanted specifically the connection with Jesus.”

“For the students in particular, in this day and age – I think it’s quite remarkable and wonderful, that they would explicitly want Jesus at the centre of our banner and at the beginning of our mission statement, both of which define who we believe we are and who we want to be, I believe that’s a fantastic gift to us.”

Inspired by Christ, Fr Paul Monkerud talks about the meaning behind the new college motto. Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2020

The significance of the moment was not lost on anyone in attendance at the opening mass. The pride was tangible, but no one was more proud than executive principal Daniel McInerney.

“All-in-all I just think it has been a wonderful success and a real marker in history for not only our school but I think for Catholic education in Sydney,” he said.

“I have a real genuine sense of pride”

“I have a real genuine sense of pride”

“Just to know where it’s come from and to know these schools have always been really open to change. There’s challenges and troubles but they just accept it and not only that, they embrace it and today’s an example of that.”

The newly formed community of the All Saints parish definitely has a lot in store for its future. The message of the day was going forward, embracing the changes, all the while being inspired by Christ.

As Fr Paul said as he ended the mass: “We’ve come, we’ve learned, we’ve blessed, we’ve prayed. Now we go out and live it! Go out and breathe God’s spirit!”

The All Saints College student leadership team with their principals and the parish team. Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2020
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