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Human development and truth a model for successful Catholic institutions

In a generation where young people are increasingly “afraid there may be no truth at all,” University of Notre Dame Australia professors Fr Eamonn Conway and Leonard Franchi have encouraged Catholic educators to retain their distinct mission

Khiara Squires: Why our children were denied an opportunity to meet...

: The church’s teachings were shamefully silenced in Catholic schools on account of those who felt challenged by the pro-chastity message of visiting US Catholic evangelist Jason Evert, writes Khiara Squires.

Monica Doumit: Evert talk urgently needed

One would think that a speaker who challenges the narrative that young women need to make themselves more sexually attractive to be worthy of love is exactly what is needed at a time when we are seeing the devastating mental health impacts of girls placing their value in the number of “likes” they receive for their selfies, writes Monica Doumit.

Former PM John Howard stands up for religious freedom

EXCLUSIVE: Former Prime Minister John Howard has strongly defended the right of faith-based schools to hire staff who are aligned with the same beliefs and values, saying he thinks most Australians would agree that it is only “common sense."

Fighting for our faith-based schools

Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to shelve his planned discrimination legislation with thousands of people attending town hall meetings Australia-wide declaring it an attack on faith-based schools.

Broken Bay launches new disability education model

Catholic Schools Broken Bay has launched a $65 million project to cater to students with a disability from Kindergarten to Year 12 with a new school campus and network of support classes.

Law reform recommendations on religious schools lack common sense

The Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry on religious schools, the first commissioned by Labor, has offered the conclusions Labor sought—hence the prime minister’s desire to shut down further discussion. But the ALRC’s recommendations don’t pass a common sense test, writes Monica Doumit

Faith leaders urge PM: Don’t deal with Greens on religious schools

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP and Melbourne Archbishop Peter Comensoli are among dozens of religious leaders warning Prime Minister Anthony Albanese not to turn to the Australian Greens to help enact religious discrimination reforms that will affect faith-based schools.

Scrap ‘disappointing’ law reform commission faith schools report

Faith and religious schools’ leaders say the long-awaited Australian Law Reform Commission report, meant to guide the Federal government in drafting religious freedom legislation relating to religious schools, should be scrapped.

Faithful Catholic witness in schools vital at all levels, expert urges

With the identity of faith based schools under withering scrutiny from parliaments across Australia, Dr Bernadette Mercieca has called for 'faith-based leadership density and spiritual formation of staff'

Philippa Martyr: Commitment and Catholic schooling by the numbers

Last week we speculated about the impact of Catholic school education on Catholics in Australia. Does it make you a better Catholic in terms of what you believe?

Sr Cecilia Joseph OP: Catholic principals and evangelising leadership

By Sr. Cecilia Joseph, OP “For those who occupy positions of leadership, there can be a strong temptation to consider the school like a...
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