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Sports Stars 2023

Catholic Schools high achieving Sports Stars for 2023 The Catholic Weekly once again recognises Catholic school sports achievements for the year in a special tribute...

Catholic education embraces the future

Faith-based education remains a “fundamental and important option for families”, NSW Premier Chris Minns has told a SCS Conference.

Philippa Martyr: What our schools teach kids has eternal consequences

I dove back into the Catholics in Australia survey to see if there were other ways Catholic schooling might relate to how you believe, behave and belong to the Church.

Philippa Martyr: Commitment and Catholic schooling by the numbers

Last week we speculated about the impact of Catholic school education on Catholics in Australia. Does it make you a better Catholic in terms of what you believe?

Tertiary Guide 2023

Tertiary Guide 2023 The Catholic Weekly ANNUAL TERTIARY GUIDE is a popular information source. It is used by Catholic families, parishes and students exploring suitable...

Catholic Boarding Schools 2023

Catholic Boarding Schools 2023 The Catholic Weekly’s Catholic Schools Boarding 2023 feature is a great opportunity to highlight your school’s facilities and provides a focus...

Archdiocesan schools survey. Why do we exist?

Each year, Archdiocesan schools are asked to survey parents, staff, and students in key areas of their experience in their local school.

Mobile phones to be banned under new Sydney Catholic Schools policy

A long-awaited policy about the use of digital devices was released this week following 12 months of research and consultation with SCS leaders from all 147 primary and secondary schools

Youth leaders dream big after ACU’s Signum Fidei faith formation program

The Signum Fidei program gives young Catholic leaders intense faith and conversion experiences before empowering them to take responsibility for evangelisation within the church

Catholic School Leaders 2023

Catholic School Leaders 2023 The Catholic School Leaders Magazine is a special tribute to Catholic School student Leaders across Sydney and NSW. The Schools Leadership...

Half of all school principals in crisis from workplace stress and...

Nearly half of all Catholic principals triggered 'red flag' alerts in 2022 because of violence at work, stressful workloads and staff shortages, a new survey from the Australian Catholic University has found

Catholic Schools Week 2023

Catholic Schools Week 2023 The 'Catholic Schools Week 2023 Magazine' is a timely way to celebrate Catholic education and the successes of another year. It...
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