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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Human development and truth a model for successful Catholic institutions

In a generation where young people are increasingly “afraid there may be no truth at all,” University of Notre Dame Australia professors Fr Eamonn Conway and Leonard Franchi have encouraged Catholic educators to retain their distinct mission

Monica Doumit: Evert talk urgently needed

One would think that a speaker who challenges the narrative that young women need to make themselves more sexually attractive to be worthy of love is exactly what is needed at a time when we are seeing the devastating mental health impacts of girls placing their value in the number of “likes” they receive for their selfies, writes Monica Doumit.

Catholic School Leaders 2024

Catholic School Leaders 2024 The Catholic School Leaders Magazine is a special tribute to Catholic School student Leaders across Sydney and NSW. The Schools Leadership...

It’s Groundhog Day, again

So-called equality advocates are up to their old tricks, once again encouraging anti-discrimination complaints as a way of retaliating against Archbishop Julian Porteous for distributing a pastoral letter that outlines Catholic teaching to kids in Catholic schools, writes Monica Doumit.

Report warns of a mass exodus of stressed school principals

More than half of Australian school principals are “seriously considering” leaving their jobs as workplace violence and heavy workloads keep rising, a new report says.

Monica Doumit: With religious freedom under grave threat, how did it...

: Recent years have seen many anti-family and anti-faith laws and policies introduced in Australia and around the world. Are they a series of unfortunate, yet unrelated events, or is there more to the story?

Catholic Schools Week 2024

Catholic Schools Week 2024 The 'Catholic Schools Week 2024 Magazine' is a timely way to celebrate Catholic education and the successes of another year. It...

HSC Achievers 2023

HSC Achievers 2023 The Catholic Weekly provides a platform and opportunity to congratulate the Students, Teachers and Schools involved in academic achievement through this HSC...

Sports Stars 2023

Catholic Schools high achieving Sports Stars for 2023 The Catholic Weekly once again recognises Catholic school sports achievements for the year in a special tribute...

Catholic education embraces the future

Faith-based education remains a “fundamental and important option for families”, NSW Premier Chris Minns has told a SCS Conference.

Philippa Martyr: What our schools teach kids has eternal consequences

I dove back into the Catholics in Australia survey to see if there were other ways Catholic schooling might relate to how you believe, behave and belong to the Church.

Philippa Martyr: Commitment and Catholic schooling by the numbers

Last week we speculated about the impact of Catholic school education on Catholics in Australia. Does it make you a better Catholic in terms of what you believe?
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