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Catholic dating needs discernment, not desperation

“Desperation.” That’s the word a wise church elder recently used, in describing the attitude of some youth towards marriage.

Connecting youth and seniors through creativity

The French painter Henri Matisse said creativity takes courage, and that’s certainly true of Eterio Herrera. After early retirement at IBM when he was in...

Philippa Martyr: Do Catholic youth really want to change the church?

I’m continuing to explore a group of around 700 young Australian Catholics who go to Mass. They are divided into two groups – the weekly massgoers, or “weeklies”, and the less regular massgoers, or “irregulars.”

Philippa Martyr: Young Catholics want Mass to be Mass. That’s OK

University of Notre Dame academic Stephen Bullivant and Philippa Martyr asked just over 700 younger Catholics under 40 across Australia why they attend Mass every Sunday.

Philippa Martyr: Let’s ask why youth stay, not why they go

In the last 30 years, we have spent a lot of time and money writing reports about lapsed Catholics and youth. We always find the same thing.

Australian youth wellbeing hits all-time low, research finds

Youth aged 18-25 are suffering the lowest sense of wellbeing on record, according to the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, but Catholic youth differ in one key respect

Pope says using Tinder is ‘normal,’ talks inclusivity in Disney documentary

Pope Francis was filmed in June 2022 for a documentary titled "The Pope: Answers," released on the streaming service Disney+ April 5.

Misunderstanding the rise of the Nones

By Phil Davignon By now it is well known that the Catholic Church in many places—and organised religion more generally—must contend with the sudden growth...

Caritas Lebanon president: crisis has forced nation’s youth to leave

Lebanon is in the grip of a crisis with no end in sight and needs all the help that Australians can offer, representatives from...

Gender dysphoria. Sensitivity and fidelity

Gender guidelines aim for sensitivity - and fidelity US diocese’s pastoral guidance that ‘begins with love’ joins a growing list of responses As the issue of...

A helping hand for youth in need

Shannon Thorne, senior manager for social inclusion at Marist180, says he is proud every single day of the work done by the Blacktown-based charity. He...

Nurturing the Church for future generations

The latest statistics from the Australian Community Survey are in, and confirm a trend of the last few years: young Australians attend Church more...
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