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Believe in kids, and they will believe in kindness

Children’s author Debora Abela’s new book The Kindness Project follows four students with a class project to make the world a better place. The Catholic Weekly sat down with her ahead of the launch to talk about the importance of kindness

Protestors rally as drag story time for children overturned

Passionate Catholics were among the crowd of protestors who attended Cumberland City Council to protest against drag queen reading time for local children.

Jordan’s just of one of many graced by Sisters’ legacy

New mum Corinne Tait welcomed her child Jordan Joseph Brian Tait, one of the first babies to be born in 2024.

Pope encourages children to speak up, work for peace

In a celebration of life, peace, joy and harmony, thousands of children representing young people on every continent greeted Pope Francis during an afternoon event in the Vatican's Paul VI hall.

Retreat to show You Are Not Alone

Kevin and Helen Wagner were so ready for children after their marriage in 2005 that Helen “sobbed for days” the first time she realised they had not conceived.

Two-thirds of all Australians suffered childhood maltreatment, new ACU study shows

The study of 8,500 Australians aged 16-65 showed that girls were at greater risk of multiple types of abuse and neglect (43.2 per cent) compared with boys (34.9 per cent)

How to Have Successful School Mornings

By Mike and Alicia Hernon If you’re anything like us, your home runs on routines. Bedtimes, meal times and summertime are all on some kind...

Members back new study of abuse

The Plenary Council has apologised formally to victims, survivors and families of child abuse and has committed to a further investigation into the systemic...

How to Succeed at Mass with Kids

By Mike and Alicia Hernon Mass with kids. The idea might make you cringe with anxiety at the thought of the annoyed looks, judgy comments...

Theology for Parents

By Francis Etheredge ‘In sermons and talks, use simple language and a homely conversational style to explain each particular point” “far as you can,...

Dealing with Trauma: A new resource for parents

Constant media coverage of war in Ukraine and floods in New South Wales and Queensland has prompted school principals to send parents tips for helping them to cope with the onslaught of bad news.

Society loses when ‘dogs and cats take the place of children’:...

Denial of fatherhood and motherhood "diminishes us" By Courtney Mares Pope Francis said on Wednesday that it is a civilisational loss when dogs and cats replace...
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