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It’s the “healthiest social network for kids” and taking the world by storm. Elanation, a children’s app that seeks to create a global nation of kids who play energetically and enthusiastically without borders.

Elanation founders Aimee Atkins and Katherine Maree Pace Photo: Elanation

Established in Australia by friends and business partners Aimee Atkins and Katherine Maree Pace, the Elanation app offers kids the opportunity to access professional athletes and expert coaches.

With lessons in dancing, scooter riding, parkour, freestyle soccer and so much more, Elanation gives kids a chance to access safe, easy to use technology all while learning new skills and being rewarded for physical activity.

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Two soccer fans enjoy a dribbling video on the Elanation app. Photo: Elanation

And now the team at Elanation are excited to announce a new feature, live classes where kids are able to join in for half hour classes presented by some of Elanation’s top athletes and experts.

Co-founder and former children’s entertainer Aimee Atkins comes from a sport-crazy family, and says that her time working in the kid’s entertainment industry gave her a unique view of a new generation of kids growing up with technology.

Aimee said that it was her Catholic faith that has guided her throughout her life and she knew because of it that she was on the correct path.

“I knew I was put on this earth to deliver health and fitness to kids globally, “said Aimee. “We have a goal of giving one billion kids access to health and fitness daily, and I’ve just let faith guide me to where we are today.”

“Katherine and I were friends before Elanation, which gave us a solid foundation to be able to build a company together. We shared the same faith and morals on how children should engage with technology.

A look at the app’s progress tracker Photo: Elanation

This is why at Elanation we take pride in building healthy, safe and fun technology solutions for kids to enjoy.

Aimee worked for more than 14 years in children’s entertainment in both television and live productions. She had a dream when she left high school of playing Dorothy the Dinosaur in the Wiggles and within six months her dream came true. During her decade and a half in the industry Aimee went on to take a leading role developing live shows, choreographing, performing and managing staff on tours with the ABC for brands such as Dirtgirlworld, Bananas in Pyjamas and Fifi and the Flowertots.

When Aimee met co-founder Katherine five years ago, it wasn’t long before Elanation was born on a walk through a Sydney park.

“I come from a kid’s entertainment and from a big sporting family,” said Aimee, whose impressive family boasts Olympians and America’s Cup sailing winners.

“Katherine’s background is in adult technology so we merged the two to create a sophisticated product for tech savvy kids.”

The Elanation team believe that everyone is born with super ability, but in today’s busy lives, it is harder than ever for parents to give their children access to a full spectrum of extra-curricular activities – making it harder than ever for kids to unlock their super powers.

“Elanation has everything that kids love,” says Aimee. “It has exclusive video content, leaderboards, and a safe space for them to chat to their friends and brag a bit about how their activities are going.”

Elanation is the first product of its kind available and its makers are proud to say it’s all been designed with the child as the focus.

“At the centre of all of our design and engineering decisions is the consideration of a child’s mental and physical health,” reads the Elanation website.

“We put the child first, without comprising ‘style’ for education.”

With new content constantly being uploaded and the Elanation team constantly looking for ways to improve their product, the Elanation app is a fantastic way for children to learn, stay healthy and connect with their friends.

The Elanation app is available worldwide from the Apple App store and on Google play.

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