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Disciple Diaries: From heartbreak to hope

The extraordinary faith journey of Andrew Condoleon reads like the script from a Hollywood movie. From a tennis prodigy bound for Wimbledon, to an ice addicted, street gang member, Andrew’s transformation into a leader of his parish and an inspirational fixture among the booming Sydney Catholic men’s movement will have you praising God.

Sydney Catholic Schools’ survey of religious attitudes and practices – what...

A biennial survey of thousands of Sydney Catholic Schools students provides important insights into the ‘religiosity’ of young people.

Alex’s journey across Christianity to Catholicism

From Eastern Orthodoxy to Pentecostalism to Catholicism, Alex Limneos has found his spiritual home and is now helping the next generation of young Catholics find theirs.

Book review: Jesus, I trust in you

The Sisters of Life, who have recently concluded their tour in Sydney, are known for their joy and infectious trust in God. ‘Jesus, I Trust in You’ from Sr Faustina Maria Pia SV is a 30-day “retreat” for anyone looking to become as trusting and innocent as a dove—but perhaps not as shrewd as a serpent…

Is heaven on earth?

I recently read an article which said that heaven, where souls go to enjoy God forever after their death and purification, will be on earth when Christ comes again to inaugurate the new heaven and new earth. I thought heaven was in heaven. What are we to believe?

Faith experiences bring personal touch to family educator role

Despite family tragedy, Anne-Marie Julian’s faith is helping her unite families with their parish community as the new family educator at McAuley Primary School in Rose Bay.

Mercy and faithfulness on the shores of Tiberias

It is wonderful how the Church reminds us constantly of the mercy of God in the beautiful, diverse liturgies of our Catholic faith, says Joseph Boulos.

Jo Hayes: Why I despise the ‘growth mindset’ bandwagon

“Growth mindset” has been a buzzword in wellness, self-help and professional circles for years. While we should aim to grow, the Scriptures tell us we shouldn’t dare to “strive.” Growth comes from resting in God—as former TV presenter Jo Hayes discovered when she traded toil for prayer

Believe in kids, and they will believe in kindness

Children’s author Debora Abela’s new book The Kindness Project follows four students with a class project to make the world a better place. The Catholic Weekly sat down with her ahead of the launch to talk about the importance of kindness

Belief and unbelief in the Easter scriptures

The disciples didn’t believe on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and most of the following week. If you find yourself doubting, remember that because of the disciples’ doubts we have a great gift: an account of a real, solid, incarnate, resurrected Jesus, writes Philippa Martyr

Christ’s cross is the ‘why’ of the whole cosmos

The redemption wrought in Christ is not a kind of addendum to Creation. Rather, our Easter faith confesses we live in a cosmos that is purposeful because it is Christocentric, writes George Weigel.

Take care of the Holy Name, the rest will follow

It seems like such a “little thing” to revere the Holy Name of Jesus. But life is about getting the little things in order. So treat the Lord’s name carefully, writes Simcha Fisher.
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