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The Plenary Council motions: how did we get here?

The Plenary's Framework for Motions document lays out the future of the Australian Church. What's in it? And how did we get here?

Faith deep underground

By Dr Kathleen Turner Social scientist Kathleen Turner discovered one of the most unique Christian churches in the world – almost two kilometres below ground...

To be Christian is to be different

One of the many positive fruits of the Royal Commission is an increased attentiveness to the poison of clericalism: the misuse of a service...

Archbishop Porteous sounds alarm on Plenary proposals

In wide-ranging critical feedback on the Plenary Council's draft proposals, the Archbishop of Hobart said the Church 'lacks confidence'

Archbishop Porteous: ‘I sense a Church that has lost confidence’

The Plenary Council organisers are currently considering feedback on "Towards the Second Assembly", the latest working document, which contains draft propositions to be voted...

The end of our Maronite Lenten journey

My earliest memory of attending church with my family, is the excitement my siblings and I experienced heading into the week of Hosanna Sunday....

Parenting’s pricelessness

Suppose you asked me to what “unpaid domestic work” referred. I would assume it meant some shady arrangement between backpackers and their dodgy employer underpaying them for time worked.

City Compass marks its 1st anniversary

A St Mary's Cathedral group is helping to nurture the faith of countless young Catholics through catechesis, Eucharistic adoration and fellowship.

The rise of the Pentecostals

For Catholics, Pentecostalist Christianity means something different for each generation. It first hit the Australian scene in a big way during the 1959 Billy Graham Bible Crusade, which filled Australia’s cricket stadiums with an estimated 3 million people, a third of the country’s population at the time.
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Philippa Martyr: The future of our faith depends on us

Every year I’ve completed an anonymous national survey on diversity in my main workplace, in which I am asked to name which aspects of my identity cause the most problems.
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Palliative care experts welcome NSW funding boost

Palliative care experts have welcomed the state government’s plans to boost the sector with an additional $743 million in funding over the next five...