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Simcha Fisher: Frog and Toad at Cana

A childhood tale sheds light on the mystery of marriage Not long before he died, I was complaining to my father I couldn't persuade any...

‘Miracle’ surprise for parish after giving Alpha a go

Out of the 23 people who began the pilot supported by the Parish Renewal Team of the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation, all of them completed it, and several expressed interest in volunteering in the parish.

Paul Catalanotto: The domestication of danger

Not everything should be made cute and cuddly It is time we discuss the elephant in the room, along with the shark, the bear, the...

Dr Philippa Martyr: My father’s most beautiful Eucharist

An encounter with Jesus 'as real as you standing there' So Bishop Barron basically wrote my next column for me with his piece on the...

Paul Catalanotto: Time to pray

Can't pray? At least don't blame a lack of time I have not met one Christian who believes that prayer is not important. In fact,...

Students come together to celebrate their faith

Close to 700 Sydney Catholic Schools’ (SCS) students explored their faith among peers at an Evangelisation Day hosted by St Ursula’s Catholic College Kingsgrove. Throughout the...

God conversations for school parents

Faith formation program set to benefit Sydney families Several schools across the archdiocese will offer an introduction to the Gospel message for parents of Catholic...

Life’s strange turns deliver blessings for Deon

Deon Testore should not be here. At least that’s what some people would have had his parents believe two decades ago.

Papal boost for catechists

The Sydney Archdiocese has welcomed Pope Francis’ formal recognition of the ministry of catechists, officially announced today.

Monica Doumit: A defence of faith in the public square

Feel free to defend the right of Christians to offer their points of view, even to hold public office Section 116 of the Australian Constitution...
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Unveiling a desire for the God of beauty

We spoke to four Sydney women about what led them to embracing more traditional styles of dress.