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Teachers inspired by UK March for Life

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Rachael and Anthony Ndaira attended the 2019 UK March for Life. PHOTO: Supplied

Newly-married couple, Rachael and Anthony Ndaira, say they have been buoyed after attending the UK March for Life in London earlier this month, when around 5,000 people came together to celebrate and defend the pro-life cause.

Ms Ndaira, a Religion teacher at Bethany College, Hurstville, said the atmosphere was “joyful” at the March which brought together people of all ages and from all walks of life.

“There were lots of families with young kids, so that was great to see, from the elderly right to little babies were there,” she said. “So it very much felt like a family event. It was really positive.”

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About 5,000 attended the UK March for Life on 11 May. PHOTO: Supplied

Rachael and Anthony were sponsored by Sydney Catholic Schools to attend the March.

The couple were married in November last year and have been active in local pro-life activities around Sydney.

Ms Ndaira said the March had lifted her spirits and encouraged her to be more active in the Australian pro-life movement.

Bethany Marsh from LifeChoice Australia was part of the Aussie contingent at the 2019 UK March for Life. PHOTO: Supplied

“Just witnessing how many people are still pro-life at a time when there are a lot of changing values, especially in terms of the family. It was good to see the it’s not a completely lost battle.”

Mr Ndaira, who is Religious Education Coordinator at Marist College Eastwood, said the March had been a “remarkably positive” experience.

“Being pro-life is much more than simply opposing abortion, but rather respecting the dignity of all life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death,” Mr Ndaira said.

“The overall experience highlighted to me what it means to be a pro life man. As a young male religious educator in an all boys school it is important to be an authentic witness in a society that says men should not have an opinion in this sphere. However it has become more apparent than ever that men need to stand by women, take responsibility for actions, and accept a calling to a greater type of love.”

The UK March for Life is a secular event attracting people of faith as well as those with no religious faith at all. PHOTO: Supplied

Director of LifeChoice Australia, Rebecca Gosper, also attended the March and told The Catholic Weekly it had given her hope for the future and for the pro-life movement in the UK.

“Similar to Australia, the next generation of brave pro-life advocates are stepping up into leadership roles within the UK prolife movement,” Ms Gosper said.

Director of Religious Education and Evangelisation at Sydney Catholic Schools, Anthony Cleary, said Ms Ndaira and her husband had been chosen to attend the March because the young newly-married couple had been active in the pro-life cause.

“At the moment I’m trying to nurture a culture in our schools where people have a real awareness of life issues and how that’s approached in different countries like the UK.”

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