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In a world of counterfeits, real choice is known by what...

The task for the pro-life movement in the coming years will be demonstrating authentic choice in a world swimming in counterfeits. But how? writes Monica Doumit.

Archbishop Porteous: May our culture rediscover the wonder of every human...

While the conception of every new life awaits the moment of birth which brings joy for the couple as they hold their new child in awe, there is something very dark and disturbing sweeping the world of our time. It is the culture of abortion, a culture of death, Archbishop Julian Porteous said in his address on the day of the unborn child.

Monica Doumit: With religious freedom under grave threat, how did it...

: Recent years have seen many anti-family and anti-faith laws and policies introduced in Australia and around the world. Are they a series of unfortunate, yet unrelated events, or is there more to the story?

Minister for Women ‘considers’ hospital funding tie to abortion

The Federal Minister for Woman Katy Gallagher has said she will “consider” a 2019 Labor policy tying hospital funding to abortion provision.

Policy experts slam “appalling” Calvary Hospital takeover process

The ACT Government continues to come under fire over its proposed takeover of Calvary Hospital in Bruce, this time for its “appalling” lack of proper process and failure to acknowledge the religious dimension of the crisis.

Monica Doumit: False “choice” won’t stop with Canberra

Those who were surprised that Prime Minster Anthony Albanese backed the ACT Government’s push to compulsorily acquire Calvary Hospital haven’t been paying attention. Ideological decisions regarding the provision of healthcare aren’t limited to the ACT Government.

Updated: Calvary takeover ‘rammed’ through ACT legislative assembly

ACT Liberals call process 'undemocratic' after due process suspended by ACT Government, citing staff and patient welfare necessary to 'ram through' takeover in only three weeks

Monica Doumit: The truth about the ACT’s “choice”

Three years ago, good friends of mine who lived in Canberra announced they were expecting their second child. It was an exciting time for them and for everyone who knew them. About 16 weeks into the pregnancy, I received a message from the dad, asking for urgent prayers. My friends had received some difficult news about the baby and were waiting for more information.

Bill to protect kids ‘born alive’

On 30 November Senators Matthew Canavan, Alex Antic and Ralph Babet introduced a new Bill to protect children who are born alive during an...

Kevin Donnelly: God reigns, despite darkness

There’s no doubt baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are living in a very different world compared to what they experienced. Australian society, as...

Conscientious objection conference for healthcare workers

Healthcare workers and students concerned about the encroachment of the law on key life issues, including so-called voluntary assisted dying (VAD) and abortion, will...

Monica Doumit: Barbaric practice called medicine

A Queensland report on late term abortions can only send chills down the spine of any humane individual I have never put a “trigger warning”...
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