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Vexillology, horsefeathers, and “pro-choice” dishonesty

The targeting of US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito over his flying of the "Appeal to Heaven" flag is just the latest dishonest episode in the history of abortion.

In a world of counterfeits, real choice is known by what...

The task for the pro-life movement in the coming years will be demonstrating authentic choice in a world swimming in counterfeits. But how? writes Monica Doumit.

Archbishop Porteous: May our culture rediscover the wonder of every human...

While the conception of every new life awaits the moment of birth which brings joy for the couple as they hold their new child in awe, there is something very dark and disturbing sweeping the world of our time. It is the culture of abortion, a culture of death, Archbishop Julian Porteous said in his address on the day of the unborn child.

Parliamentarian, real estate guru awarded papal knighthoods

A business leader and former parliamentarian have received papal honours for decades of commitment to the faith and the church in Sydney.

Cherish kids, faith, pro-life president says

“Build it, and they will come.” Mere months after Campion College blessed its new academic centre and great hall, the college has enjoyed its first visit from a head of state: Hungarian president Katalin Novák.

Social media a gift to next pro-life generation

Social media has enabled pro-life activists to reach new audiences directly and find their voices, young attendees were told at “Life on the Line,” a pro-life conference held at Campion College on 13 October.

George Weigel: High stakes in moral theology debates

As the estimable Larry Chapp recently put it on his blog, Gaudium et Spes 22, “the deepest, most important, most contentious, most divisive, and most destructive debates [after Vatican II] surrounded moral theology, especially after Humanae Vitae and the massive dissent from it that followed.”

Monica Doumit: The IVF industry’s sleight of hand

Days before his death on 10 January, Cardinal George Pell was being discussed in Australian media for a different reason. Customarily, on 1 January each...

Monica Doumit: MP puts Labor at risk over faith

If Rose Jackson represents NSW Labor’s real attitude to voters of faith, it has a real problem on its hands. If elected, what would...

Perseverance in persuasion

No-one ever thought Roe v. Wade would be overturned. Then it was. There’s a lesson in that. The US Supreme Court decision in June overturning...

Roe v Wade’s overturning an epic victory for civil rights

Prior to 24 June 2022, the US Supreme Court’s most important civil rights decision was handed down on 17 May 1954. Then, in Brown...

US Supreme Court Roe v. Wade abortion report shocks the world

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has voted to strike down the landmark abortion 1973 case Roe v. Wade, according to...
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