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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Croatian ‘car maniacs’ revved up for God and neighbour

Over 100 muscle cars, hot rods and family cars, and nearly 30 motorbikes, took part in the second annual Croatian Pilgrimage Cruise starting at St Nikola Tavelic Church, St John’s Park on 10 February.

Monica Doumit: In 50 years, marriage culture has all but disappeared...

If a marriage culture disappears from Australia in the next couple of generations, we will be relying on the witness of the lives of people like my parents to proclaim the goodness and the importance of marriage, says Monica Doumit.

Equality minus justice is useless

As we have seen over the past several times in this space, Jesus meets people where they are, at their growing edge. He never expects perfection when entering into a relationship with people, but he never leaves them where he found them either. This double insistence on always welcoming those who sincerely seek him, while […]

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