June 25, 2018

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Mark Shea: Parable of the ten virgins

Jesus tells, it is no secret, weird and difficult parables.  One of them is the Parable of the Ten Virgins: Then the kingdom of heaven shall be compared to ten maidens who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish, and five were wise. For when the foolish took […]


Mark Shea: Is technology morally neutral?

One common theme heard, especially in the gun-besotted United States, is the old saw, “Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.”  Prescinding from the obvious reply–which the enlightened country of Australia was able to figure out without much trouble twenty years ago– “It’s really hard to shoot five hundred people—or even one–if you don’t have […]


Mark Shea: Common sense from Fr James Martin SJ

  I have criticised Fr. James Martin, SJ in this space, so it is only fair that I praise him as well when he does good.  Last week, he published two tweets that sum up very nicely the insane dichotomy of the politics of my country—and the Church’s entirely sane reply to them: The tweets […]


Mark Shea: We Americans can’t help but love a royal wedding

Americans are supposed to not care about Royal Weddings because, you know, American. We actually have it in our Constitution that you cannot have titles of royalty and nobility.  If you come here and become a citizen you have to legally drop “Sir” from Sir Anthony Hopkins or Sir Patrick Stewart. So it’s pretty bred […]


Mark Shea: Why Creeds? Conclusion

This is the conclusion of Mark’s series on the Creed. It begins at Why Creeds? Part 1 One of the ways in which I moved from partial to fully biblical (that is, Catholic) faith was by discovering that my little dorm group was wrong about baptism.  In the early Church, to believe and profess your […]


Mark Shea: Why Creeds? Do This in Remembrance of Me

This is Part 6 of Mark Shea’s series on the Creed. It begins with Why Creeds? Part 1 As we have seen, I had been taught by my little church group that creeds were ‘religion’ in chemical purity: an attempt to put the living God in a box and reduce him to a sort of […]


Mark Shea: Why Creeds? Everything Old Is New Again

This is Part 5 of Mark’s series on the Creed. It begins with Why Creeds? Part 1 As we saw last time, St. Paul records a brief summary of the Faith in 1 Timothy 3:16. As a young Evangelical, that gave me pause.  It meant that creeds–summaries of the Faith–were biblical, not some medieval accretion. […]


Mark Shea: Why Creeds? Gaining My Religion

This is Part 4 of Mark Shea’s series on the Creed. It begins with Why Creeds? Part 1. Last time, in this space, I mentioned that, so far from “being spiritual, not religious”, I discovered that religion is not a bad thing but a good thing and even a biblical thing. James, for instance, remarks: […]


Mark Shea: Why Creeds? Adventures in being spiritual, not religious

This article is Part 3 of a series by Mark on the Creed. It begins with Why Creeds? Part 1 Last time, we talked about Apollos and how Priscilla and Aquila took him under their wing as a bright pupil who sometimes went off half-cocked and “explained to him the way of God more accurately” rather […]


Mark Shea: Why Creeds? The Danger of Making the Church a Club

This article is Part 2 of Mark Shea’s seven-part series on the Creed. Click here to read Part 1. Last time, we discussed my old Evangelical church’s attempt to create a Statement of Faith and my inadvertent discovery that we were a club, not a church.  We didn’t have a coherent belief.  We had clubbableness. […]


Mark Shea: Why Creeds? Part 1

This is the first of a seven part series by Mark Shea exploring the Creed. G.K. Chesterton once remarked, “It is very hard for a man to defend anything of which he is entirely convinced. It is comparatively easy when he is only partially convinced. He is partially convinced because he has found this or […]

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Mark Shea: Sonnet for Easter

We are not damned for, but by, our sin. It was not God, but Judas, in pride, who twisted the straight rope, making his skin proof against mercy, bottling inside it a god of self who dealt out the curse. Peter, thrice the traitor Judas had been, sick unto death with cowardice and nursed with […]