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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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New podcast tackles the four great questions of life

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Australian Catholic University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Hayden Ramsay. Photo: Giovanni Portelli
Australian Catholic University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Hayden Ramsay. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

One of the world’s foremost scholars on faith and ethics will be launching his own Podcast on the Archdiocese of Sydney network examining the world we live in through a Catholic context.

Australian Catholic University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Hayden Ramsay will be providing insight on all matters of contemporary culture, while also tackling what he describes as the four greatest questions of our time.

“Our Catholic identity is not just a tribal thing about where we belong. It’s also the freedom to think for ourselves; Who is God? What is the world? How do I relate to people? And what is the morally right thing to do?” Professor Ramsay said.

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With a distinguished career serving at some of the most prestigious tertiary institutions around the globe, including the University of Edinburgh, University of Notre Dame Australia, University of Melbourne and John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, this free podcast will bring decades of leading academic and theological thought to all members of the public anywhere, anytime.

Called “Climbing the Sycamore – With Professor Hayden Ramsay,” each episode in the series will be comprised of two parts. Firstly, discussing the pressing issues of the day, while the second half of the show will see Professor Ramsay answering questions emailed in by listeners.

“I have called the series Climbing the Sycamore because I think you need to change your position to see Jesus ever more fully and clearly.”

Professor Ramsay explains that by examining aspects of our lives in a different context, we can forge a closer relationship with God.

“Like looking at a diamond, you change your position and you see it in a different light, asking those four key questions casts light on Jesus.”

One key motivation for launching the series is concerns over the increasing polarization in mainstream media, which has seen the erosion of respectful and genuine debate where unpopular views can be expressed politely and rationally.

“We really need to create more forums where people are encouraged to dig a little deeper in forming their own views and put their toes into other ponds and read or think about people they would not naturally be inclined to think about.”

“This is a wonderful thing our Catholic tradition gives us. It gives us the questions, and it gives us I think the best answers to the questions so far proposed.”

While each episode is examining the world through a Catholic lens, it also aims to assist people in understanding their whole identity so that we can live well-rounded and faith filled lives.

“Your religion is a part of your identity, but what it ought to do is contribute to your complete blossoming, your flourishing as a person. There is more to you than your religion. You have body, a psychology, a relationship, sexuality as well as a spirituality and I think all of us are trying to find ways in which all of these good things can roll together in a complex identity,” Professor Ramsay said.

Each episode of “Climbing the Sycamore – With Professor Hayden Ramsay”, will be broadcast fortnightly on Thursday afternoons, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and The Catholic Weekly website.

To write in and have your questions answered, email [email protected]

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