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Climbing the Sycamore – Season 1 Episode 9

This week, I'll speak a little about work I’ve been involved in on companies taking a position on contested social issues. I'll also talk...

Climbing the Sycamore – Season 1 Episode 8

This week, I'll talk to you about conscience and I'll discuss some recent tragic events around Sydney. I'll also introduce you to the German...

New podcast tackles the four great questions of life

One of the world’s foremost scholars on faith and ethics will be launching his own Podcast on the Archdiocese of Sydney network.

The wine which prefigures an eternal and heavenly banquet

Some years ago a mind I revere, Fr Herbert McCabe, spoke about why we couldn’t consecrate burgers and Coca-Cola at mass. One good answer...

The art of listening well

Listening is like dialogue, but you have to know how. And don’t try doing it with an empty mind The National Catholic Education Commission’s 2022...

Hayden Ramsay: Sleep – far more than oblivion

Yes, sleep can be hard. But actively seeking tranquility and peace can help it work its power in us I had some excellent advice recently...

Hayden Ramsay: What was not on the agenda

At last week’s Plenary Council there seemed to be two largely distinct groups and - when it came to debate and contributions - two...

Hayden Ramsay: Art in motion

Dance, as an artform, tells us something about grace and unlocks a kind of joy we can experience no other way, writes Hayden Ramsay

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The case for deep reading

I read a letter recently on the virtues of cluttered museums which send us off on detective hunts to connect the exhibits and seek out their stories

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We can’t be frightened of having different opinions

The First Assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia begins this Sunday, 3 October. Over the past three weeks, The Catholic Weekly has been...
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