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Exclusive: Clergy lead the way in safeguarding capabilities

Clergy are leading the way in their awareness and knowledge about keeping children safe in church and related environments according to new research led by Australian Catholic University. 

Value women’s caring hours in employment contracts: Sr Alessandra Smerilli

The Secretary of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development said societies will truly flourish when caring roles, maternity and the equal dignity of women cease to be undervalued

Faithful Catholic witness in schools vital at all levels, expert urges

With the identity of faith based schools under withering scrutiny from parliaments across Australia, Dr Bernadette Mercieca has called for 'faith-based leadership density and spiritual formation of staff'

New podcast tackles the four great questions of life

One of the world’s foremost scholars on faith and ethics will be launching his own Podcast on the Archdiocese of Sydney network.

Nation-first study shows young women bearing the brunt of gender wars

The study on sexual and gender identity in Australia has found that 17.7 per cent of youth identify with a “diverse” sexual identity.

Rising star appointed Bioethics director

Dr Xavier Symons, a rising star in the field of bioethics, has been appointed as incoming Director of the Plunkett Centre for Ethics at ACU.

Del Noce’s response to the modern atheist age

Counter-Catholic trends in the contemporary Western world are well-known to the average person in the pews: the banishing of religion from the public sphere and the embrace of atheism as a “liberation” from religion, the ever-present eroticism of everyday life, the notion that Christianity is on the “wrong side of history.”

Youth leaders dream big after ACU’s Signum Fidei faith formation program

The Signum Fidei program gives young Catholic leaders intense faith and conversion experiences before empowering them to take responsibility for evangelisation within the church

Siblings study the West at ACU

It’s a big family affair at Australian Catholic University where three sets of siblings are studying the university’s Western Civilisation program. In their teenage years Agnes, 19, and Millie Jee, 17, shared a bedroom, years of Irish dancing, and a desire to study medicine.

Two-thirds of all Australians suffered childhood maltreatment, new ACU study shows

The study of 8,500 Australians aged 16-65 showed that girls were at greater risk of multiple types of abuse and neglect (43.2 per cent) compared with boys (34.9 per cent)

Half of all school principals in crisis from workplace stress and...

Nearly half of all Catholic principals triggered 'red flag' alerts in 2022 because of violence at work, stressful workloads and staff shortages, a new survey from the Australian Catholic University has found

Poem of hope, memory wins

Hope and the power of memory are themes that celebrated Sydney poet Meredith Wattison explored in her winning poem for this year’s Australian Catholic...
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