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As we are all being asked to practice social distancing and isolation as a measure to slow the spread of the corona virus, you may be feeling many emotions. You may be anxious or worried for yourself and your family members; being out of routine may be causing sadness, boredom or loneliness; or you may even be feeling angry and resentful about the loss of freedom.

Be assured, there is hope. You are not alone. Catholic Healthcare is here to help. Our Home Care, Residential Aged Care and Retirement Living services are operating today and every day to ensure seniors keep receiving quality care and support for your health and wellbeing.

Home Care Services

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Some of our in-home services and support to provide extra comfort during this time include shopping delivered to your door, meal preparation, cleaning, pastoral care, technology support to stay connected with loved ones, home visits or check in phone calls, and exercise plans that you can complete in your own home to keep you mobile, strong and stable. Our staff are fully trained to meet our clients’ needs including infection prevention and control.

Residential Aged Care and Retirement Villages

With 41 Homes and 10 Retirement Villages across the east coast of Australia, you can be sure there is a Catholic Healthcare service nearby. We are still welcoming new residents.

To make the right choice and see how we can help, watch our Aged Care Services Explainer video on YouTube. For more information call 1800 225 474.

Tips to nurture the mind, body and spirit

Maintain good mental health:

  • Limit news consumption and stick to reliable sources.
  • Find activities other than TV: read a book, find a recipe and cook something new.
  • Watch a nature documentary. Get out a board game. Work a puzzle. Spring clean or clean out a closet for donation later when the crisis ends.
  • Try a new Podcast.
  • Learn something new – try a course from U3A online.
  • Take a virtual tour of museums around the world at CLICK HERE
  • Calm and Headspace iPhone apps are offering stress and anxiety reducing meditations for free.

Keep your body moving:

  • Exercise and eat healthy food.
  • Try an online exercise or yoga class.
  • Walk your dog twice as much as you normally do, or just walk around your block multiple times a day on a schedule.
  • Play music and dance. Good for the body and spirit!
  • Stand or walk whilst talking on the phone.

Spiritual wellbeing:

  • Focus on what you can do and accept what you can’t.
  • Start a gratitude journal and write something you are thankful for every day.
  • Make a list of relatives/friends to call or email, one every day and share your feelings about this crisis.
  • You don’t have to miss Church. There are many Catholic Mass services being streamed online. Google those which best suit you. Other useful websites you may like to visit include:

For more information on how Catholic Healthcare can support you at this time call 1800 225 474 or visit

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