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Updated: Vatican announces Pope hospitalised for respiratory infection

Pope Francis was admitted to hospital with infectious bronchitis, and is responding well to treatment, according to the Vatican. He is likely to be released in a few days, but it is as yet unclear whether he will lead Palm Sunday services in Rome

More time on pitch for kids with primary inter-school competition

Sydney Catholic Schools conference four has launched a two-part primary interschool sports program to increase partiticaption and healthy competition.

People before problems

Modern Catholic hospitals are ideal places to nurture people in a holistic way, says bioethicist Hospitality is the DNA of healthcare, and hospitals should rediscover...

Catholic Parents of Unvaccinated Kids Plead: Take COVID-19 Seriously

Some people at risk of serious harm from infectious diseases are being forgotten in COVID-19 culture wars, even within faith communities where they should expect to receive the most support

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Tomo’s in training for Centacare

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks … just don’t tell Tomo Vukovich. The 79-year-old is not only training for the first...

Catholic health and education sectors welcome the Budget

Praise for a 'landmark moment' for older Australians.

Shaping Positive Eating Behaviours

Teaching kids positive eating behaviours during childhood can set them up with healthy eating habits for life. Developing a positive relationship with food, as well...

Anxiety Overload

Eli is eight years old. He has been diagnosed with depression. And, like it is for anyone with this diagnosis, depression is a daily...

CatholicCare continues to provide Home Care services to seniors during COVID-19

CatholicCare continues to provide Home Care services to seniors during this time of uncertainty Home Care is considered an essential service and should be maintained...

Help when you need it the most

As we are all being asked to practice social distancing and isolation as a measure to slow the spread of the corona virus, you...

Calming kids on coronavirus

A great resource to show your children Most children will now have heard about the coronavirus. Some may even have expressed a lot of fear or...

Teaching Children Self-care

‘Self-care’ is so much more than a hot trend or phrase social media influencers talk about. Self-care is all about taking care of yourself and...
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