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Caring for our elderly is a privilege – treat them well

There’s more and more of us ageing, and fewer and fewer people willing and able to take care of us. What’s the solution? We’ve always had one, and it’s called a “family”.

Q and A with Fr John Flader: Caring for the elderly

I work in an aged care home and, while many of the people there have frequent visits from members of their family, many others see their children only rarely, even though they live in the same city. This disturbs me. How should we view this?

At 23, Katie finds life in a nursing home is full...

Twenty-three-year-old Katie Yung is a “resident” in a nursing home and living every uni student’s dream. She has more than 100 grandparents to spoil her,...

Caring for the elderly: Why it’s more than an obligation

By Brigid Meney Pope Francis recent public message urging us to honour, serve and show love for the elderly was a moving address and one...

Conscience concerns rise

With debate on Independent MP Alex Greenwich’s “voluntary assisted dying” legislation coming to a head in the NSW Upper House, Catholic aged care providers are concerned they will be forced to allow euthanasia on premises without conscience protections.

Palliative care in crisis, key reports confirm

A new study and a Royal Commission have both called for urgent improvements in quality and access.

Don’t waste opportunity to fix aged care, say experts

Investment in the aged care workforce is critical to improving "besieged" sector.

Aged care catastrophe as residents sedated

Medical experts call for a national body to monitor the welfare of vulnerable Australians in aged care.

Pat Garcia: We understand aged issues, but not the answers

Aged care is expensive, but for how long can we put off the inevitable investment? Ageing and death can be difficult issues. Most of us...

CatholicCare continues to provide Home Care services to seniors during COVID-19

CatholicCare continues to provide Home Care services to seniors during this time of uncertainty Home Care is considered an essential service and should be maintained...

Help when you need it the most

As we are all being asked to practice social distancing and isolation as a measure to slow the spread of the corona virus, you...

Sisters’ struggle reveals risk to disabled

Lost battle over end-of-life care reveals a growing problem as society ages, say grieving daughters.
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