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Family Educators bring us closer to Jesus

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The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Lenten Companion, ” Receive the Grace to Go Make Disciples.”

The Archdiocesan Parish Renewal team have come together with some of the Sydney Catholic School’s Family Educators to help bring families closer to Christ this Lent.

“The closer we come to Jesus, the more we will become like Him, and the more we will be able to witness to Him in the world,” reads the Archdiocese of Sydney’s Lenten Resource, Receive the Grace to Go Make Disciples.

The resource, shared around the archdiocese in the first weeks of Lent, has been helping the faithful come closer to Jesus this Lent, as we prepare “our souls for a springtime of renewal at Easter: nourishing our spiritual lives with prayer and good works, and pruning whatever prevents us from flourishing.”

The resource has also been being used in schools, with the Sydney Catholic Schools Family Educator team using the resources to help families prepare for Easter.

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A recent online workshop run by archdiocesan Parish Evangelisation Officer Helen Wagner, saw more that 45 of Sydney’s Family Educators gather via Zoom to learn about the resource and how to use it in their ministry.

Helen Wagner said she was grateful for the enthusiasm of the Family Educators who joined the workshops.

The Family Educator Program is a Sydney Catholic Schools initiative operating in nearly all SCS Primary Schools. PHOTO: Sydney Catholic Schools

“What started as a small session for just a few people quickly grew into two sessions with 45 enthusiastic Family Educators,” said Helen. “On very short notice, just two days, the word spread throughout the Family Educator team who were all keen to participate.”

Elizabeth Arblaster, the Parish Renewal Manager who heads up the Archdiocesan Parish Renewal team said she was thankful for the way Family Educators have responded to the Lenten Resource.

“I am really thankful that we have been able to support the Family Educators through this practical resource,” said Elizabeth. “It is wonderful to see how many of them have decided to lead Lenten Groups for the parents of our Sydney Catholic Schools students.

“I hope and pray the Lenten Companion and all the efforts of the Family Educators will be a great blessing on everyone who participates and be a means of drawing them closer to Our Lord during Lent.”

Copies of the Lenten Companion Receive the Grace to Go Make Disciples are available online here

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