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Monday, June 24, 2024
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When did a printing company start engaging in political censorship for gay lobby?

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The plot thickens. Then again, isn’t it what we all expected?

Over the past week, a new book called Stealing From A Child was released by general practitioner, Dr David van Gend, who is also president of the Australian Marriage Forum.

Reports show that, just prior to the book’s official launch, the printer contacted the book’s publishing house, Connor Court, stating that “due to the subject matter and content of your book, unfortunately I have been instructed by senior management not to proceed with printing this title”.

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The content is clearly significant for such a decision to arise, but since when did a printing company engage in political censorship for the gay lobby? Well, now of course.

I am one of the few Australians who managed to receive an advance copy of Dr van Gend’s book. I always read this subject matter with a particularly critical eye to see whether an author is seeking, and able, to uphold the dignity of same-sex attracted people.

Without this distinction I cannot believe the author has sufficiently or compassionately understood the trials and pain involved in facing and living out same-sex attraction. Dr van Gend actually achieves this hands down. In fact, he is profoundly respectful of everyone concerned. A less offensive book you could not easily find.

So, why should the printer prevent proceeding with printing this title?

It is the title of course that screams so loudly. It proclaims the worst type of robbery imaginable: theft from a child. It is a similar theft to that which we read of over and over again in reports and transcripts relating to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

This time, however, it speaks categorically of the neglect and abuse that is most likely to be suffered throughout a child’s lifetime and not just occasionally as a result of being deliberately removed from one or both of his or her biological roots as well as being subjected to the unscientific gender ideology which is slowly pervading every aspect of Western education. The 1975 Family Law Act makes it clear that “the best interests of a child” are to be “a primary consideration in all decisions relating to children”.

Time and again we have seen it noted that children have human rights with respect to knowing who their biological parents are. I have written on this previously mentioning the incommunicable pain that can stir at the core of those removed from their biological roots.

The violence and hatred that some voices have stated will apparently surface in any national debate about same-sex couples being able to (somehow miraculously) mirror the marital relationship of a man and a woman has indeed begun to rise, but not from where it was initially prophesied.

It doesn’t take a scholar to realise that when one group tries their utmost to shut down another side’s message, or even to silence or diminish the messenger, there has to be something perilous and profoundly consequential that has been discovered. Because this is true, Dr van Gend’s book needs to be read. I cannot repeat this strongly enough.

If we see ourselves as decent citizens and truly believe in the best interests of children – and following the Royal Commission we would be foolish not to take children’s rights and their protection very seriously indeed – then the messages contained within Dr van Gend’s book need to reach far and wide. We, like him, need to become active messengers of this message.

I believe that our failure to do this would equate to us becoming complicit not only in the abandonment of children’s best interests but in the dilution, and ultimately in the blatant theft, of the national conscience.

As hard as this might be to hear, this is exactly the place where a minority of Australians wish to lead us. It is more than political correctness. It is the deliberate assassination of any moral code where the weaker no longer have rights but are made to serve the selfish demands of the stronger.

The treatment of Dr van Gend and his excellent book serves as a wake-up call to us all. If we don’t start now to engage more fervently with every aspect of the same-sex “marriage” debate and to speak out our very genuine concerns wherever possible about the many irreversible hazardous consequences that would enter society should the Marriage Act be changed to include same-sex couples then the plot that has been thickening around us might just set beyond any return.

And let’s be brutally honest, no one wants Australia to again be seen on the international stage to be stealing, and certainly not from a child.

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