October 19, 2018

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James Parker: Don’t trust media on Pope Francis’s words to gay man

You may recall last month’s fake news set ablaze by Eugenio Scalfari, the Italian journalist who reported Pope Francis as saying to him during a private meeting that “hell does not exist”. The social media frenzy that ensued called Francis a heretic, whilst others rejoiced that a pope should deny hell. Yet, lo and behold, […]

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When did a printing company start engaging in political censorship for gay lobby?

The plot thickens. Then again, isn’t it what we all expected? Over the past week, a new book called Stealing From A Child was released by general practitioner, Dr David van Gend, who is also president of the Australian Marriage Forum. Reports show that, just prior to the book’s official launch, the printer contacted the […]

Fr Philip Bochanski, assistant director of Courage International

Religious involvement, chastity leads to higher happiness ratings

In case you haven’t heard, Australia has a new Human Rights Commissioner. His name is Ed Santow and he took up his role nearly two months ago. He says that he cares “deeply, personally and professionally about LGBTI issues” with one LGBTI website promoting him as “committed to ensuring the LGBTI struggle for equality is […]

Mary McAleese, president of Ireland from 1997 to 2011, speaks at a conference titled, "Renewing the Church in a Secular Age", at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome in March 2015. Photo: CNS/Paul Haring

The problem with marriage arguments by Tim Wilson, Mary McAleese

It’s been an emotional week in political circles where homosexuality is concerned. At a time when Australian Marriage Equality keeps repeating its mantra to mainstream society that “nothing will change” should we embrace the mirage it calls same-sex marriage, everything is in fact, well, attempting to change. This week we had new Liberal MP Tim […]

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The price of manufactured kids

I’ve barely slept the past couple of nights. No, I don’t feel unwell. And I am not finding life particularly overwhelming. What has stirred me is the future of Joshua, Zoe and Kate, the surrogate triplets recently born to South African same-sex couple Christo and Theo Menelaou. The baby boy and his identical twin sisters […]

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Opinion: Get ready for ridicule, our friends are worth it

For nearly two millennia, the Church has played a critical role in helping to shape decisions that directly affect the global family. In recent years, we need only to think of scientific knowledge linked to natural fertility which is now able to offer greater health and freedom to young women, as well as to men, […]

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Tide must turn in the battle against porn before we see the fruits of WYD

Another World Youth Day comes to an end, barely highlighted by global media outlets. Millions of young people spend billions of dollars travelling across the globe to hang out in a coterie renowned for its rich catechesis and camaraderie. No one can fail to recognise the positive formation which these events have instilled into the inner […]

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Time for us to build bridges of peace

The world suddenly feels a bit more fragile this week. The deliberate killings across the United States that include several police officers see racial tensions rising again in the land of the free. Eighty-four people are dead and hundreds injured after a lorry ploughed through crowds celebrating Bastille Day in the south of France. A […]

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Abandonment, adoption, and finding a new level of peace

Another week. Another conversation about adoption. I was abandoned at birth along with my twin sister. Our birth mother didn’t have the finances or the support to be able to keep us. We were eventually adopted when six months’ old and raised by an amazing Christian family. Our new mum and dad, and their three biological […]

Pope Francis greets retired Pope Benedict XVI during a 28 June ceremony at the Vatican marking the 65th anniversary of the retired pope's priestly ordination. Photo: CNS/L'Osservatore Romano

New book addresses how Pope Benedict dismantled Vatican gay lobby

Emeritus Pope Benedict is to launch a new book in September called The Last Conversations. In it he makes mention of a small yet powerful Vatican “gay lobby” who tried to influence key decisions. The book will honestly acknowledge that there were some whose goal had been to protect one another’s secrets and to help each […]

A man carries a European Union flag in London on 24 June, a day after voters in the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU. Photo: Neil Hall, Reuters

Is Brexit the jolt for us to change direction?

So, Britain has chosen to cut away from the European Union. News reports speak of chaos to financial markets and share trading with political upheaval unfolding by the hour. Did the British get it wrong? Well, only time will tell. What is certain is that there is pain involved. There appear to have been many […]

What does Pope Francis say about divorce and remarriage in Amoris Laetitia?

The future of your land is at stake

This is a big week for Australia. A very big week. In fact, some would say it is the biggest week in the history of our land. “It’s just another election,” some cry. But is it? Never in the history of this nation has the bedrock of society been at stake in the way it is […]