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Thank you mum, for your superhuman love

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Adrian Nadarwith his mother Rima.
Adrian Nadarwith his mother Rima.

By Adrian Nadar 

Earlier this year I was invited to my old school, Redfield College Dural, to share with the senior students what helped me most in preparing for the HSC. The first thing I wanted to do in my speech was to make a special mention of my amazing mum, Rima.

Apart from being a listening ear, preparing my school lunches and praying for me, like so many mothers do, I was most grateful for her support in managing my condition.

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I have Type 1 diabetes which means I need to constantly monitor my blood sugar levels, and ever since I was diagnosed at the age of three all the way up to 18 my mum has never had a full night’s sleep.

Every two hours through the night her alarm wakes her and she comes to prick my finger and check my levels, sometimes without me even realising it.

It’s an immense sacrifice from mum and really helped me to achieve the honour of being the school dux in the 2023 HSC.

It was the first thing I wanted to say thank you for, because I think it’s superhuman what she does for me.

Not once has she ever complained or made it out to me that she’s tired or resents having to get up during the night so I can have the best chance of a safe and uninterrupted sleep.

She doesn’t know I am thanking her through The Catholic Weekly this Mother’s Day and hopefully it will be a nice surprise on Sunday morning.

Mum, I love you very much. Happy Mother’s Day!

Adrian Nadar is a first-year physiotherapy student at the University of Sydney.

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