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Thank you mum, for your superhuman love

Earlier this year I was invited to my old school, Redfield College Dural, to share with the senior students what helped me most in preparing for the HSC.

Francine and Byron Pirola: The Power of Why

Our three-year-old granddaughter has entered the ‘why’ stage. Parents everywhere know exactly what this is… the endless rounds of ‘but why?’ dialogue. Sometimes, she just...

Philippa Martyr: Why do young Catholics want to follow the rules?

I’m continuing to unpack our national Catholic survey results and find out more about our group of around 700 massgoing Catholics under the age of 40., of which, 79 per cent said that their enjoyment in “taking part in the service itself and experiencing the liturgy” was a very important reason for them to go to Mass regularly.

Simcha Fisher: Microdosing catechism

My mother was an organised woman who dedicated one or two days a week to catechism. My approach is... different

Encouraging curiosity in children

By Mike and Alicia Hernon Curiosity is something our children are born with. They have a (sometimes uncontrollable) urge to explore the world around them....

Encouraging Good Sibling Relationships

By Mike and Alice Hernon Encouraging good sibling relationships can be a confusing path. Sharing a space, fighting, taking turns and tattle-telling takes its toll...

Consequences for Kids

By Mike and Alicia Hernon If there’s anything that trips parents up, it’s consequences for kids. Coming up with consequences, making sure they make sense...

Parents’ alliance will help to reduce teenage distress

They have sensitive antennae to who likes or dislikes them and those around them. This is a positive trait in a small community - when our senses are attuned to potential conflict or disharmony, we can act to repair any ruptures in our social fabric.

Vaping’s vicious toll on kids and teens

Parents and young people should be in no doubt that not only do e-cigarettes and similar products pose a serious threat to young people’s health but they are also highly addictive, said a leading Sydney expert as NSW Health rolled out a massive anti-vaping campaign highlighting the dangers.

Simcha Fisher: Turn off the news

When I drive the kids to school in the morning, I have some choices: I can turn on classical music, which I enjoy but they...

Parenting’s pricelessness

Suppose you asked me to what “unpaid domestic work” referred. I would assume it meant some shady arrangement between backpackers and their dodgy employer underpaying them for time worked.

Simcha Fisher: A beautiful morning here at St Bambino

It's a beautiful morning here at St Bambino parish, folks. Our celebrant, Fr Shep, looks to be fresh and well-rested, the altar servers are limber...
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