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Simcha Fisher: Why isn’t there more advice about raising teenagers?

Every once in a while, people ask me why I don't write more about raising teenagers. When I was knee-deep in little kids, they...

Keeping high-tech gifts safe for kids

By Perimiter GuardianChildren increasingly want - and expect - high-tech presents for Christmas these days so here’s the ultimate buying guide on what parents...

40 fun ideas for the school holidays

School’s out for the summer and we have got your back with a bumper list of 40 school holiday ideas in and around Sydney.Moonlight...

Surviving and thriving in high school

By Sharon WittTo win a copy of Sharon Witt’s book Surviving High School – a must for all students entering secondary education – email...

Best Christmas present is your presence

There’s no denying that gifts are a huge part of the joy of Christmas, especially for children. And every year at Christmas time, articles...

Tips for when your teens become ‘allergic’ to you

As hard as it is to experience, it is developmentally appropriate for teens to pull away from their parents.

Children the Guinea Pigs in Dangerous Experiment

This generation of children are guinea pigs in a never-before-seen experiment on their sexual development.

Raising Resilient Parents

Sharon Witt shares strategies for building resilience as a parent, that will help in the raising of capable and resilient young people.
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