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Simcha Fisher: Turn off the news

When I drive the kids to school in the morning, I have some choices: I can turn on classical music, which I enjoy but they...

Parenting’s pricelessness

Suppose you asked me to what “unpaid domestic work” referred. I would assume it meant some shady arrangement between backpackers and their dodgy employer underpaying them for time worked.

Simcha Fisher: A beautiful morning here at St Bambino

It's a beautiful morning here at St Bambino parish, folks. Our celebrant, Fr Shep, looks to be fresh and well-rested, the altar servers are limber...

Instagram predators: dire warning for parents

Lyn Swanson Kennedy is a woman on a mission to alert Australian parents that they can’t assume their pre-teen children can safely use Instagram,...

Why a Family Board Meeting?

When it comes to family meetings, there are many different styles and flavors. Short, long, done once a month or once a week…

Simcha Fisher: Sing, muse of the anger of our children

Kids who think their parents are idiots are sometimes right One of the great things about having a big family is that somebody is always...

Simcha Fisher: Wisdom gleaned from home improvements

Lately, I have discovered I have a knack for minor home renovations, and by "minor" I mean "the entire household gets turned upside down...

United on Discipline

Parenting and in particular, discipline, is a contentious issue for many couples. Parenting opinions can be deeply engrained and emotionally loaded.

Simcha Fisher: Showing up empty-handed

We were at Mass. Christmas Mass, in fact; and I felt, as I always do, that we had arrived unprepared. If I only had one...

Simcha Fisher: In which I contract driving madness

Reading Time: 5 minutesCan I tell you about my week? Can I just tell you? To understand what really happened — to truly savour the full robust flavor of the drink I am about to proffer you — you have to understand that, the whole time everything I am about to tell you is going […]
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The woman who confounds both left and right

By Lois M Collins Elizabeth Bruenig makes no apologies. Not for her progressive politics, not for her Catholic faith and certainly not for having children...